Google Web Stories: Enhance Your Brand Image With The Feature

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    What Is Google Web Stories are owned by Google and powered by AMP technology. They are full-screen, immersive experiences that can be easily hosted on the website. Digital Marketing in Ludhiana can help you gather more details about this.

    Unlike Instagram or Facebook, where the stories are allowed to be posted on their website. You would not have to worry about the same in google stories. The ability to post them on any site is what makes them the best choice for digital marketing. Apart from that, you can also add some links, google AdWords, and calls of action in your google web stories.

    They use individual story panels with graphics, videos, and other features that you can easily share with brand narratives. With the help of SEO Company In Punjab, you can make the users click through the experience that you want to tell them through the story.

    That being that, your website is not only the portal from where the users could look at teh stories; people can also watch them and experience it at the google web stories in a google search, through the google discover app or google images which are easily accessible in your apple or android devices.

    This gives you full potential to make the most out of each content to build a better brand for the company.

     How Can You Create Your Google Web Stories?

    Before beginning the lesson, there are specific points and strategies that you must keep in mind and plan accordingly. You would also have to think about the brand’s image and what it defines before starting your google web stories. This is why it is essential to seek professional help in order to maintain a better image in such a vast market.

    You would have to think about which kind of story you want to present to the users and potential customers. If you are able to decide on that, then it could be leveraging the moment to make the customers care about your brand through the medium of web stories. If you post a story in an engaging way, people will listen to what you say.


    You should also not forget to add the storyboard to your story first; take some minutes and create one, whether it is on a back, napkin, or whiteboard. Try to decide how many panels you would require by sketching out the plans and strategies. Also, keep in mind which videos or visuals would be needed in each panel. Please note: do remember about the CTA or Ads.

    Google stories are not easy; they are code-heavy; this is why if you are not a coding engineer or if you do not have a coding engineer on your team, then you would not be able to make one. Find a company which would be able to do the work for you. 

    Who Could Be The Best Digital Marketing Company?

    The only answer that comes to mind is FlyMedia Technology. Known for its ethical work environment that delivers what they state, they have enhanced the brand of many businesses.