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    Increasing the rank of your website is very important. For this, you have to keep in mind different things the keyword, design, layout of the entire website, and content. But there is no point if you get a fantastic landing but nobody is looking at it. Mostly 80% of mobile users are using the search engine every day. Here comes the importance of making the best use of the websites by bringing as much traffic as you can. You should ignore link building strategy, blogging, social media, and even search optimization. There are some SEO tricks which will make a lot of difference that various campanies SEO In Punjab follows.

    • Use URLs that are readable

    Nowadays the search engines have started to think more like humans. You should definitely avoid using long URLs. It is important the audience should understand the URL. If the search engine gets confused which it can pick the address of the correct website. Think will waste the user time and he will next time not visit your website. You should include numbers in the URL. It is also recommended to use 4 to 5 phrases which are separated by short dashes.

    • The meta description should be unique

    If the idea and thought you are trying to display are not understood by the user than what is the benefit. For this, you should properly display the meta description along with the URL, and title tag of each website. You need to write a unique description which should stand out from the other website. If the description is the same you can be penalized for your site. Additionally, if you own different websites do not write the same description in that case also.

    • Click through rate should be optimized

    Increasing the click-through rate can also benefit you in different ways. A number of people are clicking your website which means google rank your website on the top. On the other hand, if not then that site is ranked very low. The best way to optimize the click-through rate is by adding numbers to the description tag. By doing this, it will increase the count on your page and it will boost SEO.

    • Content readability is very important

    Most people visiting your website will read every line. For this, you have to write properly and in order. This is how actually the web works. You have to focus on something such as write short paragraphs, use simple language, write short but effective, use sub-heading, include lists, sentence formation should be easy. If the visitors think the data is very confusing and time consuming they will leave your page or website right way. So, keep in mind every small detail.