How much does it cost to build a professionally designed business website?

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    The total cost of website design

    When you seek help from professionals for web development they will tell you about the cost as per your needs. With the Website designing Company, the cost will be anywhere between $100 to $500,000+.

    The cost of the website design will be based on the design, custom functionality, data integrations, programming needs, and much more. To get an accurate estimate about the cost you should talk to the web design experts. They will tell you better about what will be the total budget to have a professional-looking business website. Different variables are taken into account to determine the actual cost. The website provider will tell you about the cost depending on what is your budget and what all your requirements are to have a professional website.

    What are the factors which determine the website project cost?

    The type of website you want will impact the total pricing. In case, you want to have a restaurant business website that has 10 pages and is determined as a simple project. Moreover, different factors are considered to determine the total price of the e-commerce website.

    What are the factors which determine the website project?

    • The way you want the website to look
    • In total the website pages, you need
    • The selected platform for the website.
    • Who will make the content updation you or the website designing team
    • Need of other software for the website
    • Need for the custom functionality or not
    • Process of payment method

    Need for the CMS capabilities

    Typical Website Expenses Broken Down

    Well! The website pricing depends on the company you are planning to work with. You might come across lower website costs but there is a higher risk that the final work is not the way you want it to be. Here is the breakdown of the website price:

    Domain Name$8.99/yr$8.99/yr$8.99/yr
    Front End Development$1,500$10,000$50,000+
    Back End Development$500$15,000$50,000+
    Graphic Design$1,000$7,500$30,000+
    EmailFree with hosting$5-$25/user $5-$25/user
    CMS Integration$500$5,000$25,000
    3rd Party Integrations$500$5,000$25,000+

    *Note: Keep in mind, it is just an estimation of the cost of website design and development. You should talk to the experts to understand better how much will cost to build your business.

    Professionally looking website is important

    With the assistance of the experts, you will not just have a professional website but all other services are given by them. From marketing to your website to make it rank higher on the search engine, they will give you all the necessary services you want.

    It is better to schedule a meeting with the professionals and get an accurate estimate about the website cost.