How much time does it take for an app store to get approval for your app?

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    How much time does it take for an app store to get approval for your app?

    How to avoid app rejection on app stores?

    Before the app is submitted for approval, make sure you check the things which are listed below to make the approval process fast for the app:

    • Before you submit it, you need to test the app multiple times.
    • Your app needs to have accurate and clear information.
    • Mention the accurate contact information.
    • The review team needs to have an active login to help them with the demo.
    • Add detailed information about the feature that helps them understand the app better.

    Contact the professionals to get the app development done with perfection and the final results will be the best.

    What to do if the app gets rejected?

    If the app faces rejection, then some things can make you perform better, and the next time you can get it approved.

    • Check the reason for rejection.
    • If the app gets rejected, then there is a valid reason for that. Contact the professionals to understand the reason and they can get it fixed for you before the app is re-submitted.
    • Sometimes when the app starts correctly, users are going to use the features for different activities. App stores make sure they take the appropriate action against them. To help them ensure this, you need to send them the backend details and credentials. They will check it for reassessment.
    • If you have checked everything and there is no error then get in touch with the app store and then they are going to assess it again. In some cases, the app is going to get approved without any changes being made in the second go.
    • If you are not able to find the reason for an app rejection, then go online and find other people who have gone through the same issue and find out the reasons for rejection.

    If the app has in-app purchases then make sure you have your payment gateway. Otherwise, it can be one of the reasons why your app got rejected.

    How long does it take for the app to get approval on the store?

    • You should go through app store review guidelines to prevent the app from getting rejected. You must focus on app content, functionality, and design. Submitting and publishing the app on the app store can take around 2 days or more, depending on the app you have. In some cases, the approval of the app can take 4 to 5 days.
    • Around 90 percent of the app takes 48 hours for approval and 50 percent of the app takes one day. Once the app is submitted you can check the status in the My app tab. If you want urgent approval then you can ask for accelerated review.

    In case the app gets rejected, then you can find the specific reason behind it. In case, the reason is not given then ask them humbly and the issues which the app has will be submitted to you. To make sure the app is not rejected then you need to follow the guidelines correctly and then review the app yourself to make sure there is no issue.