How much time Require to Gain Authority After Redirecting Domain

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    This is one of the very important factor  in SEO as we all know the redirection 301 it is one of the best way Or we can say best method  to redirect From One Domain to another But How much time it requires to transfer the authority of one Domain to The New One. The time is not we can say specify but my Experience says that it will take approx 4 to 6 months for the proper authority .

    so in that period what we have to do?

    We have to start again the work from the starting because until we can’t get the whole authority we have to do work more and more. but side by side we have to take care of the over work that if we will do over work than it also harm the website.

    So What are the Necessary Steps we have to follow while Redirecting From old Domain to New one.

    1. First of all we have to take care that the internal structure of the page is same as it was on the old domain

    For example i have recently seen the change In one movies site

    Unlimited animation movies where they change their old domain To new One 

    and in that they have follow the step by step procedure

    (1)  First Of all they set all the pages of the old domain to redirect to the new domain via 301 redirection this gives message to your search engine that we are shifting the website from the Old Domain to The New One

    (2) After Shifting The Domain we have to set the change of address in the Webmaster

    (3) we have to take care of the structure of the web pages that they are same as in the old domain.

    (4) After setting all this now you have to submit your site map so that search engine will easily understand the new structure of the website.

    [Note: The change of address option in WebMaster is visible only in that case if you have the ownership account of WebMaster else it is not visible. ]