How to analyze and optimize your website with various PageSpeed tools?

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    If you have a business website, then it is important to ensure that it runs effectively. For that, you need to get it developed and managed by the experts of web development. Our website designing company provides an effective way to ensure the page speed is optimized and it will be analyzed from time to time.

     Page speed tools

    Through the use of page speed tools, the website will run faster and it will help you get the ultimate benefits.

    Speed up with the PageSpeed Modules

    For this, you need to run the open-source page speed modules on the Nginx or Apache server so that it can automatically rewrite and resources are optimized on the website.

    Leverage Google’s infrastructure

    Increase the browsing with Google Public DNS

    Take benefit through the Google Public DNS as it helps in boosting the speed and security of the browsing experience.

    Offload popular open-source libraries

    You can boost the speed of the website by making use of the Google Infrastructure. Moreover, it is the most popular choice for the opens-source Javascript libraries

    Protocols & Standards

    Through the latest protocols and standards, the web design will be managed with ease and the page speed will be faster.

    Performance Best Practices

    You should understand the best web practices to make your website and every page on it optimized effectively. If you are not sure how to get everything done in the right manner, you need to take assistance from the experts.

     Which are the different options for page speed tools?

    CSS Optimization Test

    CSS delivery needs to be checked present on the web page. Make sure it is optimized and then subsequently you will be able to learn how it can be improved.

     CSS Compressor

    CSS compressor will allow it to automatically compress the files. This way the size will be small and ultimately it helps in improving the speed of web pages.

    JavaScript Optimization Test

    You need to check the ways to enhance the speed of Javascript and you can get it done by running the test.

    Image Optimization Test

    All the images present on the website need to be optimized correctly. Test the website images and if there is an issue with it, it needs to be changed right away. To ensure everything is proper on the website you need to take help from professionals.

    PNG Compressor

    Most importantly, the file size of PNG images needs to be minimum, and this way the loading time will be right.

    JPEG Compressor

    All the JPEG images on the website need to have the smallest size and this helps to improve the page speed to the maximum.

    CSS Sprites Generator

    You need to combine different images in one file and this way the number of HTTP requests will be reduced.