How to choose a Web Design Company

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    When one thinks about web designing one thinks it’s related to only the designing of a website hence, tend to underestimate the need of a web designer. Web designing is more than just the design of a website. It relates to the plan, the idea behind the websites look, updating of the website, the structure layout, navigation ergonomics, layout of the website, the colors, fonts and the icon design to just name few of the works that require a web designing.

    Importance of web design

    Today’s business cannot run without a website as it is the face of your business online and with the internet being in the access of everyone, thanks to the Smartphone, it is becoming more and more important to have a website even if you are selling something as simple as clothes. And making a website is not easy as there are many people who go behind designing a website. Now hiring each one will be easy if you are a big business but, how long will you maintain their salary just for one website. And how much work will they be doing. And, if you have a small business then the maintenance will be beyond your reach. Hence, it is suggested you hire a web designing company.

    How to choose a web design company?

    Now that you have decided to hire a web designing company the next step is for you to decide what you want from your website and the cost you are able to put in. Now it’s obvious you will want to hire the best so what to do, it’s simple just go through the points below:

    1. The company: First most it is important for you to check on the company’s graph like how long have they been around, how many clients do they have, how much work force they have?
    2. The Track: Next important is the company’s track record like who are their clients, their satisfaction rate among their clients, do they have hard figures and do they have retained clients or most of them are new.
    3. Samples: Make sure you see samples of websites made by them and in particular the team that is or is going to be assigned your website, so you can get a view of what to expect. Do they have adequate experience in customized websites?
    4. Core Services: what are the core services offered by them, do they include designing, development and marketing as well? Does their work meet the market standards? Can they develop mobile applications that run smoothly on any branded platform?
    5. Qualification/Credentials: It is important the company bears a professional reputation in the market and the team is well qualified and has authorization to work for government agencies also.
    6. Visit: Make sure you visit the office once to be sure the company has adequate staff in the office or do they outsource their work.
    7. Project Execution: What guarantee do you have on the projects execution guarantee, so make sure you have a deadline written on paper and the document stipulates the coding? Also make sure you are clear on the owner rights of the project and in case there is any license fee, the amount is clear.
    8. Company’s Manpower: The manpower of a company should not be distinguished by the man force they have hired but, from the fact that even if they have a small team, is it capable of delivering work on time.
    9. The Team: Take a through look into the team that is appointed your project. Facts like who is project manager, the size of the team, how often can you expect updates mean of communication and are they capable of leading their own way or are they going to ask you?
    10. Company’s Financial Position: You will want to give your website project to a team that is there even after the beta launch of the website and some tiny yet, strong questions like:
      • Who is the owner of the company and who are the officers?
      • What motivates the team?
      • What is the financial condition of the company?

    Once you have gotten resolution on these points you can freely give your website project to the team and rest in peace for a job well done.