How to make a Good mobile-friendly Website Design

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    How to make a Good mobile-friendly Website Design

    Google has recently published a scoop that mobile queries carry much more value than desktop queries. Along with latest algorithms it is perfectly clear that Google is giving value to mobile friendly website designs. Thus most of the websites that doesn’t comply with the standards set by Google are facing a decline in SEO rankings and traffic.

    So it puts Web Designers and marketers in a single boat that plays equally important role in getting SERP rankings and traffic. Yes they do and for starters if you haven’t created a mobile friendly website or your website is not mobile friendly, spend some time on it and do it. Here are some suggestions for website designers to get your mobile friendly website to the standards of Google :

    1. A Responsive Website Doesn’t Have All The Answers

    If you think having a responsive website comply to all the standards set up and is somewhat difficult to maintain too. Rather than you should opt for a mobile website. However responsive design costs more and also is harder to develop rather than mobile friendly website which is just easy to develop.Choose what to do.

    2. Study The Trends and Some Mobile web Design and UX Tips

    In this past two years most of the website design trends are minimalism which offers simplicity to your website and as there is very less screen to maintain in mobile friendly websites, designers tend to put up everything possible in empty spaces and Navigation is the key point in here. That’s why minimalism is the answer for you in most of the cases if you are looking for creating a mobile friendly website.

    3. What you Users Needs

    What you need to totally understand is what your user currently needs the most from your website and that should be made available to him through the front of your mobile friendly website, or should be easily accessible. The design should be set in such a way that a user comes to your website and gets what he wants easily.

    4. Brand Continuity 

    What if this happens, you created your mobile page and a user first visits your website and then heads on to your mobile and doesn’t even recognise your brand. So you must make your website and mobile friendly page the same like the colour themes, Graphics and logos all should be same as its doppelganger page in the desktop website.

    So This is all for today, keep on reading our future articles to get notified subscribe to us.