How to Write Content and Get a top ranking site in Google

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    The top reason why Google isn’t indexing your site 

    Need a proper domain. 

    Your site needs an appropriate domain. That is why Google doesn’t index your site. The reason you need a proper URL is helpful to your content. If you are using the wrong URL for the content, it is not appropriate on WordPress. 

    Your site doesn’t work on mobile.

    If your site does not show on mobile, it’s not useful for your content on the website. You need to have a viewing of your content to maintain a ranking on the Internet. Then make your site variable and easy to read on smartphones and tablets. 

    Using complex coding language 

    If you use a complex way of coding language in your site, google won’t index your site. It doesn’t matter what language you use in the content. It matters for updating an index. 

    Written a useful content 

    if you write content in simple and understandable language, your content ranks top in Google. And you don’t meet any competitor at your level. That means your content has good information that is easy to read on your site.

    Redirect loop problem 

    If you suffer from a redirect loop problem in your site, you can set your URL again and fix it accordingly so they do not copy and address another site. And you can submit your content again to the index site.

    Make your site friendly.

    Suppose visitors open your site and get proper information about the problem without frustration. Then your site gets a higher rank in Google. If you do not provide helpful information, your site ranking is below. 

    Terrible your SEO technic 

    Suppose you need to do proper SEO. But if you don’t provide helpful information, It’s no more extended benefits for Google. You then decreased your site ranking. So you can use only correct SEO in the product and provide all product information to visitors on your site. 

    Set the correct sitemap.

    If you write content, set the correct sitemap because Google checks what content is on your page. Sitemap is a list of pages on your site.

    Add all variations of your domain to the Google search console 

    If your content has more variation in your domain, you can add all variations and verify through the Google search console. If you get all the variations in your domain, you can add GSC. After adding GSC, you can check your domain is on the right track. 

    Suppose you are doing proper SEO and providing all information sites through it is beneficial. And if you want to become an SEO expert, you can join Flymedia Technology and earn more experience in SEO.