Importance of Google Reviews for Consumers and Businesses

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    Now business models are changed. Google reviews affect your business too much, as well as consumers. There is no doubt consumers depend on Google reviews. Due to the company’s online presence, interactions with the consumer and the providers have changed a lot. 

    People are getting smarter day by day by using Google for any purchase. No one on the internet doesn’t read Google reviews before buying certain products.

    Importance of the Google Reviews: 

    If you’re doing any business and have your online website for the digital presence of your shop and the products, then positive Google reviews can boost your web page or business. And negative ones can make your business go in the trash.  

    Google reviews are a kind of social proof, influencing the interested consumer to specific businesses.

    Ranking in Google feed:

    Suppose your webpage/business does not appear on the first page of the Google search feed. It means people need to learn about your business even though you’re on a digital platform. 

    • How to rank a page in google feed: 

    It would help to improve your SEO rating to appear in the Google search feed. The more relevant SEO, the more people interact with your site and business.

    Increase trust:

    Positive Google reviews can build the trust of a consumer toward the business. There are around 90% of a particular age group trust online reviews.

    • If there is one genuine and positive review on your website/business, they will get automatically increased by a recommendation of the person to their family and friends.
    • This will organically increase your positive Google reviews and your chance to appear in your Google search feed.

    Increase CTR:

    One of the most suitable things about Google reviews is their organically increasing CTR.

    It means when people search about the product you’re selling, your site appears on the first page of the Google search feed, and people are most likely to click and visit your site more than usual due to good reviews on Google.

    This works as a loop for the webpage or your business, and its impact is very positive for the webpage or the company.

    Visitor time on site:

    • Online reviews help google to make the meetings relevant to consumers on the business/webpage.
    • Google reviews increase their time on your site and change the buyer’s mind. If a business has low reviews on Google, the buyer will not consider going there and purchasing from them.

    On average, a user reads three or four reviews before visiting the site. They tend to read more if needed. That’s how they increase the time on the website. This time spent on your website positively impacts Google Analytics for your site’s relevancy to the particular search.

    Keyword Targeting:

    We all use specific keywords for searching for particular things on Google. Try to figure out the same thing about your product, services, and other things you sell or do online. The more positive Google reviews, the more chance for your website to be seen by the user searching just you.


    Getting positive Google reviews is not a piece of cake. You should seek help from any well-established online review management system.

    It is an essential part of your business to increase trust, credibility, and consumer visibility.

    Suppose you still need clarification and need to learn how to collect positive Google reviews. Just ask Flymedia Technologies for all your solutions related to digital marketing.