Importance of Keyword Research For SEO

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    In this blog we will focus on the importance of keyword research for SEO and tell some strategies to implement your keyword research and better SEO.

    Why is Keyword Research Crucial for SEO?

    Keywords are the best tool that you can use while writing content for better marketing results. This research tells about what people on the internet are searching for and which words they are using more. 

    Strategic use of those keywords is important. Blending the keywords precisely in marketing content is important. Just simply writing keywords in your content will not come with good results. 

    Conducting keyword research is the first step which is a must for every SEO Company in Ludhiana. Keyword results give you an idea about the phrases and words being used by people online, and you can use those words and phrases to increase traffic to your content. 

    Keywords have to explore many unique ideas and more. It provides you with information about what is the current search trend. With new ideas and unique content, you can get 

    ahead in the competition. 

    Types of Keywords 

    There are majority three types of keywords such as: 

    • Long Tail Keywords 
    • Short Tail Keywords 
    • Middle Tail keywords


    The type of keyword used in your content depends on the type of visitor you want to attract to your site. Search volumes on your site and the content will be decreased if you have long-tail keywords in your content. 

    This kind of keyword is specially for targeting niche audiences and it also has low competition online. Long tail keywords often offer high conversion rates because people who use long phrases for their search might need more information related to your content. “ best business ideas in 2024” is an example of a long tail keyword. 


    Short tail keywords are often referred to as broad keywords; they are short and to-the-point words. Competition in short-tail keywords is very high. “ Shoes, “ business ideas,” and “digital marketing” are a few examples of short tail keywords, and they have high competition and low conversion rates.

    Those types of keywords take quite a lot of time and money to rank on Google search engine pages since it is better to avoid those keywords unless you are doing SEO for a big company. 


    They are also referred to as body keywords, and they are slightly longer and more certain than short-tail keywords. It consists of two or three words, so it has moderate search volume and competition. 

    Due to many unexplored terms in the digital industry, it can easily help to rank you on Google SERP. their conversation rates are also lower, but it is more concise than short tail keywords and brings adequate traffic. “ Running shoes for beginners” is the perfect example for those types of keywords.

    How to Use Those Keywords 

    Combining the use of those keywords in your content can help you to attract a wider audience online. It is important to use all three keywords, with each keyword helping attract specific customers online. 

    Tips for Better Keyword Research 

    The choice of keywords plays a crucial role in bringing a certain type of audience to your website. 

    Search Intent : 

    Search intent is the first step one should take toward better keyword research. To do so, researchers should know about the buyer’s journey. And journey of buyer is divide into three main categories: 


    • Awareness Stage
    • Consideration stage 
    • Decision stage 

    By properly understanding the buyer journey, one can properly know about the requirements of their client and craft content and products accordingly. 

    How to Do Keyword Research 

    After understating the buyer journey and requirements, researchers need to aim for 10 long-tail keywords and 100 middle-tail keywords per month. Mix keywords use is important and one should look for middle tail keywords and long tail keywords as short tail keywords are hard to target. 

    Competition Analysis: 

    While researching for keywords, you need to know about the competition. The companies or websites use the same phrases as keywords, which is referred to as SEO difficulty. If you are using a paid service for keyword research, then you can easily track the compilation volume for your keyword. There are some factors that you need to know while doing keyword research. 

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