Important Points from Google Webmasters Hangouts 22 January 2019

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    Important Points from Google Webmasters Hangouts 22 January 2019

    The statements from Google Webmasters which was conducted on the 22nd January 2019 provided helpful awareness for all those who are studying SEO. It said that why the information architecture is vital from a user’s perspective but also by how the structure of the website aids Google to know the subject of pages and also the relationship with each other.

    Google’s attempt on some of the best information architecture.

    There is a term used in the language of SEO’s which is Conventional site architecture, which means what we get to see in most of the websites. It is also called “Theme Pyramids”. The construction goes from one subject to other topics hence the final outcome is that which looks like a pyramid.

    In the information architecture, the web page is at the topmost part of the pyramid, the second row has the matter which is related to the main map reading, and the interrelated pages from those map reading pages would be the remaining ones in the pyramid.

    If a website does not have this information architecture, it is called as flat information architecture. This will mean that all the pages can be visited by clicking the mouse one time on the web page, so they seem to be flat.

    Hence it is advised that while making a website, the map reading does not work. This is because who visits the website is able to crawl from one internet domain to another on the website by the links on the page.

    The lack of management makes it difficult to go map reading for users.

    Hyperlinks give good subjects to google.

    Google takes the internal hyperlinks as an indication of the value and meaning of web pages. The structure is another reason that you should not have any incoming links on the website, and also why some informative pages are a must to be linked with the pages and also on the website.

    A page which does not have any links is not supposed to be important for users, hence users do not bother to go to that page.

    The website and pages have to be of importance

    Do make sure that the classification names have some meaning assigned to them.

    Don’t list products on a website, and also do not have those which have careers in them. Every level should have in-depth analysis

    Also, make sure you have proper keyword embedded. The language should be not too easy and either should it be very difficult.