Is Google Helpful Content Update Indeed Helpful?

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    Google has always been in the top headlines in the world of the internet and after rolling out the Google Helpful Content update it has been the subject of debate for quite a while now. It has commenced a great discussion regarding the content it is going to display in Google searches and the intensification of ranking fluctuation.

    What is the new Google Helpful Content Update?

    To understand the picture better let’s be cognizant of what Google Helpful Content Update is.

    Google Helpful Content Update is a new modification in the system that is responsible for showing the content on the screen while you type in the search bar. The update classifies helpful content from unhelpful content and therefore changes the rankings of the content.

    Google aims to provide a better experience to the customers, where they are satisfied by the content that appears on their screens and find it useful.

    How is unhelpful content differentiated from helpful content?

    The value of the content is determined by the people-first approach. If the content searched by the people has adequately served its purpose rather than just appearing on the screen to increase ranking, then it will be considered helpful content. Content that only exists to make a place in the rankings or is not valued too much or has less value will automatically be recognized by the Helpful Content system and be blocked from appearing on the screens. This would benefit the sites with better content to be marked in higher rankings. 

    The process of ranking is utterly mechanized and the classification is based on factors that can lower the quality of the site as a whole like irrelevant content, poorly maintained website, and search engine ranking.

    How is SEO impacted by Google Helpful Content Update?

    The job of SEO is to create new strategies, techniques, and maneuvers to multiply site visit numbers and increase the ranking of the website in search engines.  

    As Google aims to prioritize content that is designed solely for benefiting humans, SEO is excessively being impacted as many sites use it to focus on the search-engine first approach which is responsible for predominantly attracting visitors to the site.  

    What happens if you are hit by the new update’s algorithm and how to recover from it?

    If your content falls under the algorithm of the helpful content update then it is only going to help you to increase your ranking but if it is the other way around then Google will automatically rank you poorly which would lead to less traffic and it might also block some content.

    To get back into the race and increase your traffic you need to know a few points:

    • Remove irrelevant or unhelpful content
    • Focus on the people-first approach
    • Increase the quality of your content
    • Focus less on search engine ranking
    • Add more value using SEO best practices

    The Google Helpful Update is Indeed helpful for the websites comprising good quality content but it also pushes the websites that have less valued content to create content based on people-first approach which would later help them to improve their ranking.