Is It Appropriate To Consider Keywords For Estimating The Search Volumes?

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    The digital marketing companies in Punjab, do not particularly rely on the keyword search volumes for estimating the accurate metric of the traffic. But the experts of the web development company are of the view that you need to have good knowledge about organic search traffic if you want your website to rank high.


    It happens several times that the pages which are ranking by bidding on the high volume keywords do not get a lot of traffic.

    In this blog post we are going to discuss the reasons for the same:

    Not An Appropriate MetricDid you know?

    It is Google Adwords that is accountable for combining the keywords for the ultimate search volume. If you count on Search Engine Optimization, then you will experience the same search volume as you experience while taking the help of Google AdWords.

    We usually try to predict the traffic to be encountered on the results of the Google AdWords, but we should not be doing that as these do not offer you the right prediction of the search volume

    In the end, we would like to tell you that it is not relevant to predict solely based on the search volume alone.

    Clicks Are Being Stolen By GoogleAs we all are aware of the fact that the ultimate motive of Google is to provide you with the best possible user experience. We just have seen the featured snippets whenever we search for something, this way google is taking links and is restricting the users to step into your website.
    The Advertisers Are The Thieves Of The ClicksThe ads which you like to make run on the websites are the ones that are driving the visitors away from you. These ads, as we have observed, clearly stand apart from the queue. The visitor who has entered in the search to search for something is naturally triggered to click on the ads other than the searches.
    The Single-page Does Never Rank For The Single WordsThe content writers are instructed to include more than one keyword on the page. So merely considering the single page’s search volume based on ranking for so many keywords is not an easy task.
    The Traffic Volume Of The Hidden Long-tail Searches Is Not CountedIt has been surveyed that people use every possible way of either the short tail or the long-tail keywords to search for the particular thing. But when we are considering the keyword search volume, the third aspect is ignored which again emphasizes the fact the keywords are not an accurate metric for the search demand.

    Bottom Line

    The SEO executives working in digital marketing companies have a thorough knowledge of these facts. This is the main reason that you are always suggested to take the help of web development or SEO companies if you want to rank high on Google.