Which are the most latest web trends which can change the user experience?

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    Have you ever followed a trend? If not, then you need at least for your business to make it most of the digital world.

    As we are in the middle of the COVID-19 second wave it is changing our lives. Due to that, we are all forced to stay at home and face the challenges of real-life experiences.

    Web creators are exploring a multitude of options to create a visual communication between the user & website. It is important to maintain a balance b/w quality and quantity. Without wasting any more second, let’s talk you through the latest web trends which can change the overall user experience.

    Typography Design Trends

      • Elegant Serif Fonts

    With time, sans serif font (go-to style for web design) has been changing. Although, it is still the most loved font by web designers because of its:

      • Simple Structure
      • Legibility

    With time, the font family which is being loved is Times and Georgia & both of them are found in Google Fonts. Moreover, the fonts less in demand are now gaining popularity like Noe Display and Portrait. So, there are several options to choose from as per your need.

      • Animated typographic features

    With animated typography, a collection of words and sentences can be used to make it decorative & attractive. Mostly it is used to market the products or tell about the brand through a different vibe or visual themes.

      • Use of Emoticons

    When we can use emojis to chat with our friends & family, then why not make it a part of the web trends? Through digital platforms, we can interact with anyone and everyone through our devices. Now, it is not just about the words, you need to attract them through the written text by adding playful emojis.

    Color Design Trends

      • Light colors

    When we see light colors on the web, it is soothing to the eyes and most people do not prefer bold colors. Light colors will help in better clarity and this is what the web designers are taking benefit of. It will increase user engagement and create peace of mind.

      • Bold colors

    Like light colors, website designers prefer to incorporate bold colors to make the design. It is the combination of primary colors, comic like-themes, and 90’s style. Through this, the young audience is going to be targeted because of the different vibe.

    Images & Graphics

      • Black & White images with textures

    Black & White along with text-based illustrations are used all over the digital platform. Their effect is different from the colored images and it changes the entire look of the website. It might seem simple but it is more engaging and exciting for the user.

      • Minimalist shapes

    We all will agree on one thing: Old trends and fashion are coming back again. People are inclined towards the 90’s era and this is seen in the web design trends also. The 2D shape illustrations will have one shade of color and no texture/depth.

    Let us help you choose the best web design

    It might get difficult to keep up with everything and this is why you need professional assistance. Get in touch with our team to get more information and make the best choice.