List Of All The SEO Acronyms You Need To Know

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    The world of SEO is full of acronyms and terms that usually confuse the people who are new to it. SEO is an acronym itself that stands for search engine optimization. This indicates that there is more to learn about SEO and its acronyms to comprehensively understand it. If you are looking forward to working with the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana, read on to understand the essential terms of SEO. 

    What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

    Search engine optimization refers to upgrading websites, web pages and content by an SEO practitioner to maintain a higher ranking in the search engines. It is a method used to enhance the appearance, positioning and usefulness of the different types of content on a website in the search results. The content that needs the enhancement can be web pages, video media, local business listings, images and other assets. Organic search is the prime method people use to find and access online content; therefore, using SEO is essential to help people recognize and discover the content, which will eventually help increase the traffic on your website. 

    Types Of SEO Categories.

    There are several SEO categories, each of which has a distinctive purpose at an SEO company in Ludhiana. These categories may include:

    Organic SEO. 

    Organic SEO is the base of search engine optimization that focuses on enhancing the content, structure, and several other website components that can help position the website organically in search engine result pages.

    Technical SEO.

    Technical SEO focuses on a website’s technical factors, such as site speed, crawlability, and mobile responsiveness. These technical aspects help the website gain a higher ranking. 

    Local SEO.

    Local SEO makes the businesses visible in the local search results. This includes optimization of local-based information and online presence on applications such as Google Maps. 

    E-Commerce SEO.

    E-commerce SEO focuses on maintaining online store visibility, conversion rates and traffic. This is achieved by improving product pages, structure and some aspects of E-commerce. 

    International SEO.

    International SEO aims to take websites to higher rankings across boundaries and languages. It usually focuses on creating content specific to a region or language. 

    Mobile SEO.

    Mobile SEO aims to create a swift and user-friendly navigation system by optimising mobile devices’ content and voice-activated assistants like Alexa or Siri. 

    Voice Search SEO.

    With the revolution of search through voice. Voice search SEO focuses on Optimising the content of websites and their structures for higher ranking in voice search results.

    SEO Terms And Concepts.

    Now that we have learned about SEO categories, let us dig into some of the terms and concepts used in this method. 

    Anchor Text

    An anchor link refers to the text in a hyperlink that you can click on, redirecting you to another page. 


    Backlinks are the links that take you from one website to another. 

    Black Hat SEO

    Black hat SEO refers to the use of tactics that violate search engine guidelines, which can result in penalties. 

    Canonical Tag.

    A canonical tag helps to inform the search engine about a URL representing duplicate content. 

    Dofollow Link.

    These search engine crawlers inform the search engine about the quality of a website’s content. 

    External Link

    It connects one website to another. 


    It is a concept that targets a certain audience through SEO or advertisements.

     Internal Links.

    It connects different pages within a website.

    These are some of the terms and concepts used at the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana. These are essential for those who wish to enter the world of SEO and gain experience with it over time.