Market research – Types, Subtypes, Benefits & Crowdsourcing using Ahrefs

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    When the information is to be gathered, analyzed, and interpreted for a given market, then none other than the competitive analysis is best to evaluate the viability of the offer. For a successful business, it is important to know what your business strategy is targeting.

    Market research is the ideal concept for knowing who your targeted audience is. Besides, it helps you to understand the following, which are crucial to the business:

    • Opponents
    • Target audience

    When is the right time for you to consider market research?

    When you are setting the goals The competitive analysis of the market helps you to be realistic when you are defining the goals.
    Problem Solving Whenever a particular problem arises in the business, then you must know the ideal way to solve the problem. You can do this if you know the right approach to solve the problem.
    Understand consumer behavior Before commencing any kind of business, it is important to know how the consumers end up choosing a particular item or service which our business is selling. You can only understand consumer behavior if you have carried out the market research with perfection.


    How many kinds of market research are there?

    Market research is of the following types:

    Important Tip

    First of all, do not copy other’s marketing strategies.

    Primary researchIf you or someone on your behalf, have carried out the market research by studying the various principles of the same and that data is sufficient for you to solve a given problem, then it will be known as the market research. The primary research helps you to be flexible with your data and reattach. You can also dominate the quality of the data at this point.
    Secondary research If you are researching the already existing data that has been gathered by the various businesses and organizations, then it will be known as secondary market research. With this kind of research, you can have a wide view of your marketplace. Also, you can analyze a huge set of data.


    Usually, digital marketers carry out both types of research to study the nature of the business to the fullest.

    What are the subtypes of market research?

    Following are the subtypes of the market research:

    Qualitative researchTo gain a well-opinionated answer or thoughts on a particular topic, it is essential to take the interviews, results, and other open-ended questions into account.
    Quantitative researchIn this kind of research, usually, the numbers, graphs, and polls are taken into account, which gives you precise and much-needed quantitative information on this.
    Internal data analysis Having the bulk internal data helps you to study the consequences of the particular pattern and behavior. With this, you can bring about efficient strategies in your business.

    Which is the best way to survey the market?

    The best way to survey the market is with crowdsourcing. This is the main reason that the Ahrefs are being highly used as this help the users to know:

    • Which features are to be built?
    • How important are these features?
    • What should the customers expect from such features?

    How is crowdsourcing done using Ahrefs?

    First of all, you should know that social media is the best platform to survey the marketplace.

    Market segmentation This is the analysis approach in which the market is divided into several categories based on sex, age, country, and region, etc. And based on the categories, the patterns for the likes and dislikes of the patients are studied.
    Competitive analysisTo make sure that your business does extremely well, you need not repeat the mistakes done by your competitors. Thus, you can only study competitive analysis thoroughly.
    Analysis of the commercial data The commercial data can be studied by taking the following into account:

    • Market reports
    • Industry insights

    What are the predominant benefits of carrying out market research?

    Carrying out effective, market research helps you with the following benefits:

    With this, you will be able to find the problem which is interrupting you to establish a successful business. With the help of the insights, you will know how a particular strategy is working.

    Bottom Line

    If you still want to know more about the market research or you have any questions, then please feel free to drop us your queries via email.