What Are The Topmost Mistakes Which Web Developers Usually Make?

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    What Are The Topmost Mistakes Which Web Developers Usually Make?

    In this blog, we are going to mention the topmost mistakes made by unskilled web developers during website designing:

    • Writing the content in old school HTML

    Earlier, there were fewer options and many people are still linked to bad habits. Many people are still using the different tags to layout the content which is not supported by the current version of the HTML.

    When the unskilled web designers try to incorporate the old methods into the latest version it is not going to work well on different browsers. It is best to limit the use of <table>. Web development works well when you get assistance from trained and experienced professionals.

    • Just focusing that it works on their browser

    This is another most common mistake made by the developers. They think that if the website is working on their browser it is enough. Keep in mind, every browser has a different style to it. If the website is made as a browser-centric site then results are going to be poor and users won’t be able to use them.

    • Improper form

    If you prompt the user to provide the information and assume that you are going to get it, then you are wrong. User entry needs to be done correctly as the page can fail if data is not filled correctly. If the site’s database rules are violated then also problems can occur.

    Keep in mind you will not encounter these issues if you hire an experienced and trained team to get the work done correctly.

    • Bloated responses

    The web page is filled with different quality of graphics or pictures which are with the use of img. The height and width of the image need to be mentioned in the tag. Files linked from the pages like CSS and javascript are large. The HTML sources markup can create problems. If you keep the pages too long then problems can occur. Working with professionals will ensure that the entire process is done correctly.

    • Trying code which might work

    The developers have tested and confirmed which code will work properly. The code which is executed has errors and it worked because it is tested by the developer. If error checking is not done then the end-results are not going to what the business owner is looking for. It is important that the content is solid and it should work well with the future changes that need to be made in the code required for unit testing.

    • Using forking code

    With the thought of the website needing to support all the browsers and versions, the developers try to have the code which works well in every possible situation. This results in excess code of statements that are pointing in all directions.

    It can be difficult when you want to update the browser and management is tough.

    • Unresponsive website design

    The team assumes that seeing the website on the same size monitor means it will work on different screens. If the user tries to view the website on the mobile device or a large screen, they will have difficulty navigating through other pages. This is where responsiveness is important.