PageSpeed Insights are the core of evaluating website loading speed

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    What the online world is more inclined towards: Whether to do something quickly or Do it well? Well, both these factors are the same and do play an important part in improving the user experience. Here we are talking about the PageSpeed Insights (PSI) reports where the focus is on mobile & desktop devices. Flymedia Technology is one of the established names as a digital marketing company and the company’s expertise has helped the businesses in Punjab.

    When you reach out to them for the services of website designing, the team skills and understanding of the latest online marketing methods, tools, and technology is what make them stand apart from everyone in Chandigarh. From website designing to SEO, the employees of the company are working endlessly to make your online business stand out.

    What are google page speed insights?

    Pagespeed Insights is known as PSI which is an online Google tool and it is used for evaluating the loading speed of the webs page. The tools allow users to check the site performance on different platforms like a mobile device, desktop & it even suggests the choicest things to make the website function effectively. The use of this tool will allow you to create something different.

    Is PSI paid?

    NO! It is free.

    What is the reason to make the most of google page speed insights?

    When you have just started or your business has reached a certain stage you wanted to, ‘User Experience’ is the prime part which needs utmost attention. If the user comes to your website and the loading speed is way more than expected…What will happen? They will NEVER-EVER come to your site again.

    You know what this is where a website designing team role comes into play and you have to give utmost importance to the user experience. Are you going to wait for 5 minutes for the page to load on your device? NO! Then do not expect that your visitors will do the same.

    What happens if the page takes too much time to load?

    Understand that even a 1-second delay will make a great difference in the website quality and how your online business is perceived. You want to make sure that your online business is represented in the most ideal manner. If there is a problem then you will notice:

      • Higher dropout rate
      • Fewer conversions
      • Lower organic traffic

    Here is the information on the page speed insight score.

      • good: score from 80
      • average: score between 60 and 79
      • bad: score from 0 to 59

    Get the best of services with our team

    Technically, everything is advanced and as a layman, it is difficult to have all the necessary information to get things done in a precise manner. If your website speed is making a problem for your business then you need to make a certain change in the website design & have the best of functionalities so that it stays on the list of user preferences. Do not ignore even a single aspect because you don’t know what will prove beneficial for your online brand or business.