Ranking Factors In 2019

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    Ranking Factors In 2019

    What are the latest prevailing factors on Google, google ranking is done in 2019. Answer to this question is that a user first of all you needs to create a website with a website designing company in Ludhiana. There are about 200 guiding factors that affect the Google ranking, but out of these 200 factors the main focus lies on only 13 factors. These 13 factors are listed below:

    • Updating of the content

    The updating of the content on Google should be fresh, the matter that is updated should be a fresh matter and content must be of high quality. Updating the content is the first factor that affects Google ranking.

    • Coding of the content

    The coding of the content that is done on Google must be clean and crawl able. If the code is not in the reach of Google, and Google can’t read that code, the code cannot be searched on Google.

    • Gaining expertise

    Expertise is gained on Google with two factors. These two factors help in achieving the expertise. And the factors are authorities and trust. Authority and trust together combined to form expertise.

    • Word search

    The keyword that is searched on Google should be understandable. The keywords should not be messed up. This is the only chance to start and there is no other chance.

    • User signals

    User signals will matter and play an important role in the ranking of the Google.

    • Click thru rates

    Optimization of click through rate must be according to SEPRS.

    • Focus on the links

    The main focus of the web search is on the links. Focus must be made on the links. Links are a bit critical to handle, but once handled properly, will lead to google search.

    • Voice search

    The optimisation of voice search should also be done. These days with the growing Science and Technology,  people focus more on web voice search rather than typing the whole search.

    • Compatibility

    Any device or any kind of software must have that search. Your website must be compatible to all devices, since there are number of devices with the growing Science and Technology, so it must be compatible to all the devices.

    • Speed of the website

    The speed of the website must be enough only then the user will use it.

    • Overall experience

    Overall experience of the website must be good for the user, all the internal linking and navigation must be proper.

    • Understandable

    Structured data must be added to the website in order to make it understandable.

    • Guidelines

    Guidelines of the website must be proper and easily understandable.

    Based on all the above 13 factors Google rankings are decided in 2019.