Rebrand Without Regret: Protect Your SEO Crown Jewels During a Website Makeover

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    We have often encountered people who have faced a major debacle while rebranding their websites. They end up losing their authority, which also impacts their SEO ranks and visibility.

    However, there are ways in which the Best Digital Marketing Company in Ludhiana have used methods and procedures to save many of its clients from this impending danger that could hamper their performance and profit streams effectively.

    In this blog, we will shed light on some methods that will help you maintain your SEO authority while revamping your website.

    Important Steps For Successful Rebranding of A Website

    • Preliminary Auditing: You have to perform an in-depth audit of your current site before making any significant changes. You should check out things like traffic sources, desktop vs mobile traffic, and branded vs non-branded traffic.
      It is also important to audit your current URLs while optimising the SEO of your website. This procedure has helped one of our customers, who was adding one more service to their website for their users. This method helped them to set up effective redirects and ensure all these URLs were accounted for.
    • 301 Redirects: According to the Best Digital Marketing Company in Ludhiana, after getting to know everything on your website, you need to transfer everything present in them to your new domain. If you are willing to transfer all your previous and existing content into the new domain, set up 301 redirects from all of your old domains to their corresponding pages that are present on the new ones. Keeping the same content and URL structure will help you have the ideal matches for all of them.
    • Announcing your website’s update: Notify your website’s users about its revamp. The most trusted SEO Company in Ludhiana has the best solutions for the same. According to them, you need to inform Google about this new change by performing an XML sitemap update and notify the search engine by using the change of address tool in the search console. Then, update your profiles on social media and any listings that are present in your local directories to ensure everything is up to date.
      You also need to do the same with your business contact information and referral traffic sources to inform them about the change in your brand and URL. After that, you need to create an effective PR plan both before and after the brand’s launch to enhance its awareness and enable a smooth transition with the help of press releases, social media campaigns, and various other types of marketing.
    • Promotion of the new brand: The most advanced SEO Company in Ludhiana has helped many clients promote their refurbished brands in many ways that have helped them achieve better visibility and more traffic. Share an email announcement with your suppliers, customers, friends, and business partners and make a press release that looks compelling and tells the story of your brand to share via a PR Distribution platform. 


    Rebranding your website is important to stay relevant. But it needs to be done with utmost care to maintain your authority while refurbishing the whole website. These techniques mentioned above have helped many of our clientele improve their business prospects without hampering their credibility. Hence, it is essential to have your SEO authority maintained while rebuilding your website.