Redirect Loop And The Ways To Fix It

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    With businesses moving to digital platforms by consulting the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana, having a good quality website with great appearance and working has become essential to ensure the growth of your business. However, maintaining the website after it is created is a tough challenge and often invites problems faced by fresher web developers. One of those problems is the redirecting loops in your website that you must have experienced while surfing the internet. Read on to understand about redirecting loops and the ways to fix them. 

    What Does A Redirect Loop Mean?

    Every webpage has a unique URL that contains the website’s domain name, a few subfolders and the page’s name. Search engines and users use these URLs to access the content of your webpage easily. 

    Generally, the URL of a page is not supposed to change even if it requires some updating or editing, as it allows both the users and the search engines to swiftly access your web page content. However, these changes are sometimes not preventable. 

    When you make changes in the URL, it is essential to make sure that the users can have access to the new location of your content, and this is where the redirect feature comes in, which is used by an SEO company in Ludhiana along with the top SEO principles for utmost impact

    The redirect feature, just like its name, takes users looking for information from a specific page and sends them to its new URL. This allows you to click on the same URL you used to access before, but your browser automatically sends you to the new URL. 

    To inform the browser about your permanent transfer of the webpage, the best digital marketing company typically would have to use 301 redirects, a common solution that does not interfere with the user experience associated with your website. 

    However, you can create a redirect loop if you set up a redirect to a new page, but it redirects you back to the old page, creating a loop and preventing the users from accessing the content on your webpage. 

    After identifying the issue, the user’s browser would display a redirect loop error. Their browser will be trapped in an endless loop of redirects due to too many redirects.

    This means when the user’s browser tries to access one URL, it is sent to another URL, and from there, it is directed back to the previous URL, and the loop continues, creating a redirect loop. As a result, the browser displays the error of too many redirects.  

    How Does This Redirect Loop Occur?

    The question that arises in the mind after learning about redirecting loops is how your website became the victim of it. A number of issues can cause this issue to occur. For example, you might have an SEO plugin making errors while using redirects. This can occur due to mistakes with the redirect rules you put in the server of your web page configuration, CDN redirect rules, CMS’s redirect manager, or issues with the alignment between the systems. 

    This could happen if you have the previous URL of your website configured in your web server, but for further edits, updates or redirects, you move to the redirect manager within your CMS. 

    Fixing The Redirect Loop

    You can fix the redirect loop issues by making changes in the following:

    1. Cookie settings
    2. Clear your cache
    3. HTTPS settings
    4. Third-party services and plugins
    5. Hypertext access file

    The redirect loop occurring in your website can affect its ranking as the ranking signals are no longer available when the ultimate URL is not resolved, which can impact your SEO efforts by affecting the usability and crawl-ability of your website. These issues can be resolved with the help of the best digital marketing company in Ludhiana and allow your website to work smoothly, catering to a great user experience.