How remarketing and retargeting methods are different?

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    No matter how many times we focus on the importance of marketing in the digital world, it is not enough. Digital marketing in India has proven to be good luck for both small-scale and large-scale businesses to have a global audience.

    In the marketing world, different practices are used to benefit online businesses. Most often the terms ‘Remarketing’ and ‘Retargeting’ are used which have little to no difference. Here we will dig deeper to understand the difference between the two.

    What is remarketing in digital marketing?

    Remarketing is the strategy to focus on current and past customers for boosting sales. Under this marketing practice, email correspondence helps to reconnect with the audience. For this, the business needs to use the email list to target potential customers. In simple terms, it is the approach to reconnect with the customer (both present and past) through email marketing.

    It is suggested by the professionals when the customer has the intent to buy the business service or product. If we go in-depth then it includes:

      • Personalized discount announcement emails
      • Up-sell and cross-sell emails
      • Cart abandonment emails
      • And much more

    What is retargeting in digital marketing?

    Retargeting as the name suggests to target something again. It means identifying the users who have visited the website and targeting them by displaying ads or products. It is retargeting the customers more than once.

    In addition, the ads are displayed on 3rd party networks like Facebook and Google Display Network. So, if you have ever wondered, ‘How am I able to see the products on other websites which I have checked in the past?’ It is all because of retargeting, which allows you to target the customer at any time and anywhere.

    What are the similarities between the two?

      • Objective

    Short term-goals are different for both marketing practices. But, the main focus is to increase the sales which eventually leads to higher ROI.

      • Gain attention of past customers

    A major focus is on the customers who have interacted with the business in the past.

      • Increase engagement

    By displaying the ads, the user engagement and focus are shifted towards the brand. So, that they can make the purchase.

      • Build brand recognition

    Marketing is all about attracting customers and building your brand.

    Difference: Remarketing vs Retargeting

      • Primary medium

    Retargeting Digital Marketing

    Display Advertisements

    Remarketing Digital Marketing


      • Objective
    Retargeting Digital Marketing
      • Building brand recognition
      • Boosting website traffic
    Remarketing Digital Marketing
      • Use of strategic emails
      • Cost
    Retargeting Digital Marketing
      • Ads Display cost money
    Remarketing Digital Marketing
      • Without incurred cost
      • Highly cost-effective (Through automation of email campaigns)

    Why is retargeting important?

    Some of the topmost benefits of using retargeting digital marketing:

      • Retargeting helps to remind the customers how different and better your product is. This is all because of the display ads. It is important that your customer is available online and then you can reach them easily.
      • Your business can make the user experience the best. When you target them you just need to make sure to focus on their preference and accordingly strategize the ads.
      • It is one of the effective methods to increase the conversion rate as you will show the ads to those who are interested in your brand.

    Why is remarketing important?

    Some of the topmost benefits of using remarketing digital marketing:

      • With this strategy, you can attract the audience to get the desired conversion rate. It will help them to make the purchase which is what you need.
      • With the discount emails, the customer will know that there is a sale going on. Studies have shown that customers are inclined to the business when there are sales on their favorite product. So, if someone is on a budget constraint they can make the most of this time.
      • Through timely cart emails, you can notify the customer about the product they like or have wishlisted. It is an effective tool that ensures that the customer will purchase the product they have liked.

    Do you know?

    Research has shown that more than 80% of the customers purchase with targeted emails. In addition, it shows an increase of 760% in revenue. The effectiveness of the marketing practices is important in the present and future.

    How can I optimize the retargeting ads?

      • Moderate ad frequency

    How frequent the ads should be displayed to the user.

      • Make multiple ad copies

    Combine different ad content to increase creativity.

      • Regulate ad recentness

    Someone visited the ad, and after how long you would target them.

    How can I optimize remarketing email campaigns?

      • Write compelling emails

    Write about the new product and sale, & make sure to write to the point.

      • Send quick updates/alerts/reminders

    Make sure to send them all the latest updates to stay in touch with them.

    Retargeting campaign

    Launch a search retargeting campaign under the given conditions:

      • You are attracting site traffic.
      • You want to build brand recognition and make people familiar with your brand.
      • You need to make sure your brand identity is on their mind. You want to convert people you visited the website and make them reach the step of final purchase.

    Remarketing Campaign

      • You don’t have the budget for advertisements to gain the attention of new customers.
      • You have an email list of present and past potential customers.
      • You have demonstrated strong buying intent signals.

    Wrap up

    In the present scenario, it is essential to uncover the importance and effectiveness of digital marketing practices. Implementing both of the above-mentioned practices can provide you with the best results. To make the most of these marketing practices and ensure you are moving in the right direction, you should take help from professionals.

    Our digital marketing company experts will evaluate the right kind of strategy for your business to increase your sales funnel and ROI. We are here for you to make the most effective decisions which will provide you the benefits and help you stand ahead in the competition.

    So, it is now your turn to use the retargeting and remarketing strategies in 2021 and gain trust & attention of the customers!