Role of social media in today’s SEO

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    Gone are the days when SEO used to include the building one keyword or building links. Google used to get impressed by the game of quality means that site with more links won this game. There was not objective, no strategies and fear of spam penalties while SEO.
    Social media is much important for the SEO campaign and effective tool for the higher ranking of website. Even if you are seeking out of box than the search media optimization even then it is advisable not to ignore the presence of online social media for the following reasons
    Social media boost your online reach
    Earlier days link building and spreading the links even on the [pages that are not mush active used to make hardly any difference to liking of your website. Social media do the branding of your website and allow you to reach to your potential customers.
    If your page has the quality content that is both informative and interesting then social groups like to share it that also spread your reach on web.
    Drives the high quality website traffic
    Basic function of the SEO is to generate and retain the traffic for the site so social media do the same if you have added high quality content in it. In the earlier link building the users may or may not pass the page rank but through the social media you can easily reach to your target audience and then high quality traffic that is interested for your brand, company and product approach to you that add to your regular visits.
    Team of link builders
    Through the social media like Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others you can have team of link building as you are giving the link to people to use it, read it and share it. So this team will generate automatically 100% natural links that are sufficient to impress Google so ultimate higher the rank of your page
    Avoid Google penalties
    Social media provide you the platform for the content marketing and to build the real and natural links that Google loves and rewards so you can get escape from the spam link building and penalties of Google.

    If you have generated the informative and interesting content by keeping in the mind about the target audience then social media can accelerate your SEO campaign positively so make sure that you have chosen the best company for the Social Media Marketing.