What are the topmost SEO tips to improve and make the website design perfect?

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    What are the topmost SEO tips to improve and make the website design perfect?

    In this article, we are going to mention the major SEO tips which make the web design the best:

    • Site Navigation needs to be search friendly

    The use of flash for navigation on the website can not be the best option if you don’t know the ways to make the flash objects accessible and crawler-friendly. The search engine has a tough time navigating the website. Javascript and CSS provide the best efforts you need for the website and your search ranking will be improved.

    You should take the help of the expert from the best company and they will help you get the best web design which makes the website look the best.

    • Keep the script outside HTML document

    When you start coding for the website, you need to keep CSS and Javascript outside. Search engines will look at the website that is present in HTML documents, CSS, and Javascript. If you add this internally, it means you are adding extra code in the HTML document. This will make the crawling slower. Search engines want to get the website content as quickly as possible.

    • Have content which search engine spider can understand

    Content is the vital part of the website and this is what the search engine looks for. When you design the website, you need to make sure the content structure is great like paragraphs, heading, and links. If the website has less content then they can have difficulty in search results. To use the images for the text you need to use the CSS background-image text replacement method.

    • Keep the URLs search friendly

    Search friendly URLs are not URLs which are not hard to crawl like the query strings. The perfect URLs will have the keywords which make the content page easy to understand. Some of the examples include:

    • com/services/repairs/
    • com/services/residential-repairs/
    • com/services/commercial-repairs/
    • Block pages which do not need search engine index

    There can be pages on the website which you don’t want the search engine to be indexed. Their presence on the website will not add any value. You can use these pages to test designs as you are building the new website.

    Do not let web robots know about these web pages. This can make you have the issue of duplicate content with search engines and the real content value will also get low. You should not make such mistakes as it can affect the search engine position greatly. To prevent web pages from getting indexed by search engine spiders, you should use the robots.txt file. In case, the website contains a testing environment then make sure it is password-protected so that no one can see it.

    • Have fresh content