What is SEO web design? What are the factors which optimize web ranking?

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    What is SEO web design?

    Website design and SEO are a requisite factor which the professionals of the web development company follow. No doubt, website designing helps to provide mobile-friendly, fast loading, and descriptive URLs. By following the SEO website design, the businesses can rank higher on the website and they are easily visible on the search engine. For increased website ranking and traffic, the SEO website design will be the best choice.

    Why is SEO web design important?

    Make sure that you consider the website design along with the visual aspects and SEO affects the way it is found. SEO and designers perform different tasks and you should not expect what one should do.

    With the combination of these 2, the company’s bottom line is impacted. If you are thinking of designing the website, then make sure to understand the SEO and website design. SEO web design is an important factor:

    • Many companies will launch a brand-new website, but they see that the SEO progress is not correct. They do not consider the option of 301 redirects. With the 301 redirects, the search engine will help to find the relocated page.
    • Opting for the SEO practices which benefit the website like site architecture and page speed optimization. These factors play an important role as they determine the way a site is influenced.

    Factors to optimize for web design and SEO


    Designers have few options when it comes to understanding the code. Most of them choose CSS and HTML. Make sure the designers do not consider the option of flash sites as it takes time to optimize. Not opting for this choice, will help your SEO to be benefited.


    With time, there is increased demand for Internet users who are using mobile devices and smartphones. Going for this option helps to make the user experience the best and it also helps your website to get a higher ranking.


    Website readability plays an important part, and they must choose sizes & fonts which are easy to read. It is important that all the information is necessary and content should be optimized to get a higher ranking on search engines.

    File names

    The images need to be logical and descriptive. It will take some effort to do, but on search engines, its visibility will be higher and everything will be in the right manner.

    File size

    Including the quality and large images will be visually appealing. It is the reason, the designer should make sure the file size is small.


    Navigation is one of the essential components which helps the user to have a great experience and this is the reason, you should keep it simple. If your site is easy to find by the user, then it is going to increase the website conversion.