Simple Guide to SEO Glossary of Terms the Beginner’s

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    Which is Better for SEO, Shopify or WordPress

    Nowadays, digital marketing is getting popular in the internet world. SEO is one of them. SEO is beneficial for your corporation. It is crucial in improving the online presence and organic traffic to web pages. If you are a beginner in SEO, you need clarification about the technical terms. The Best Digital Marketing Company in Ludhiana can help you make your website with advanced methods and also help guide you. 


    Understanding SEO 

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which makes your website more visible in search engines like Google, Bing and others and increases organic traffic on your web page. SEO can employ keywords, backlinks, content quality, and others that can help improve your web page ranking in search engine outcomes. 


    SEO Glossary of Terms: the Beginner’s Guide to SEO 



    Keyword is the word that is relative to your website content. Keywords can show your business information. Keywords are the words people type into search engines to find what they are looking for information. You can use the right keyword on your web page that helps search engines connect your content with what users are searching. It is like selecting excellent words to be easily found in Google. When you smartly use keywords, it helps to increase online visibility. 


    SERP ( Search Engine Result Page)

    SERP stands for search engine result page. It means when you type something on Google, it shows related pages on your device. It is where you find information for your query. They provide the reliable information that you are looking for. The search engine result page includes a webpage similar to your search. Every web page has a unique title, a brief description and a web address. SEO experts make sure websites appear at the top of the search engine result page so individuals can easily find them and get information. 


    Crawling and Indexing 

    In SEO, crawling and indexing is a fundamental process. That helps search engines quickly find and display the correct information when you are looking for something online. Crawling means when you type on Google to find the information, Google checks the websites and links and shows the relevant results. Indexing means when the information from these web pages is stored, individuals can easily reach them. 


    On-Page SEO 

    On-page SEO can help manage your content and structure so that your content loads fast on the device. On the page, SEO concentrates on improving personal web pages to increase their search engine ranking. These include reliable and informative content, meta tags, headings and other HTML aspects. 


    Off-Page SEO 

    Off-page SEO helps to raise your website’s online presence. It involves getting a reputable website to link to yours, posting on social media, and participating in online communities, which can help increase your web page ranking. When you use those terms, search engines understand your content is appropriate and trustworthy. It can help make your content more visible and improve organic traffic. 



    Backlinks are links from further web pages to yours when your content has relevant backlinks that positively impact your website ranking. 


    Meta Tags 

    Meta tags are like coding to your website so that search engines easily understand the content. It includes the page title and a summary. When you use excellent meta tags that can support your web page, get noticed in search engine results, and attract people. 



    Search engines use complicated algorithms to decide the order of your content displayed on the search engine result page. SEO Company in Ludhiana uses advanced algorithms that help SEO professionals to know about website rank. 



    SEO tools like Google Analytics can help evaluate your website performance. They provide proper information about the user experience, traffic and other strategies. 


    When you use relevant keywords, content quality can help increase the organic traffic on your webpage. An SEO glossary can help you understand SEO terms. It does not make your webpage friendly to users and search engines so that people can easily find it. If you want to make your business website, contact Fly Media Technology.