What is a smart image SEO strategy and why is it important to use image SEO?

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    As of now, there are around 1.97 billion websites. Well! That’s a huge competition in itself. So, how can you stand out from the rest? The use of images can make a lot of difference in the website to gain user attention and provide them with interesting information.
    In addition, an Image SEO strategy will help you outflank your competitor websites. You need to make sure that you get an experienced and skilled team of professionals from the best Digital marketing company in India, to make the right choice. If you have not heard about the image SEO strategy and how it is useful, this article will make you understand everything in-depth.

    What is meant by the term ‘Smart Image SEO Strategy’?
    Most business owners focus on content SEO and stats to understand the user behavior when they visit the website. In the entire process, Image SEO is not given the attention it needs.
    As per human psychology, 90% of the data transmitted by the brain is in the visual form. Incorporating the image SEO will provide the user with the best experience. Through this, you will be able to get a higher ranking in the search engine which means more people will notice your business. The professionals will help to use it wisely as they will incorporate the most effective strategies which will work for your business.

    What is the need for Image SEO?
    The use of videos and images along with the content will improve the final results and it will focus on all the important aspects of the website. You need to give your users the best experience and through image SEO you will be able to get it done. When images are optimized for SEO, your website will get a higher ranking in the search engine. Make sure that it is done right to keep the performance high at every step. In addition, the images should be of HD quality and optimized to give the best results. Also, the images need to be relevant as per the website content.

    How to optimize the image SEO?
    Image Name
    Every image present on the website should have a relevant name and this allows Google to notice you & increase your ranking. The content should have the right kind of keywords. You should separate the image name with the use of dashes, hyphens, and underscores.

    Alt Text
    Alt Text means an alternative text which is linked to the image. Its use is for people with visual impairments as they use text-to-speech software to understand what is written. It is necessary that you include the text description of the images so that it shows up in the search results.

    Through schema.org markups helps Google and search engine structured data when crawling images. Its use allows one to understand what the image is all about and the type of content which is there.

    Content Marketing
    The content which is added to the website should have the right kind of images so that it helps the user to understand what it is all about. From the SEO point of view, good content is never overlooked even when we talk about images.
    SEO is basically, combining the elements which are important and can make a huge change in engaging the customers. It is important to think from different perspectives so that the final results are profitable.

    Image Size
    Sometimes, image size is not given the importance it deserves, and eventually, it affects the loading speed of the website. So, you need to be careful about the image size so that the user does not have trouble when they come to your website. It is important to keep the right balance between the compressed size and image quality. Make sure to stick to these image formats as they do not result in anything problematic:
    • JPG
    • PNG
    • JPEG
    • GIF

    Do you need help? We are here for you
    Like in any business small details make a lot of difference, so it is important to use the right kind of practices that can help you build an effective SEO strategy.
    Our digital expert will check your website and give you effective solutions to boost website performance. The team effort will take your business to achieve better revenue, which is the ultimate goal for any business owner. Get in touch with us to get further information.