Social Media Is Changing For The Betterment

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    Social Media Is Changing For The Betterment

    Facebook has truly changed the way we look at the world, it was not like this, say a decade or two away. The developer of Facebook, Mark Z has turned the World Topsy Turvy. A lot has been seen and heard about the # Delete Facebook movement, we saw one of the largest media action take place.

    Another popular thing started with facebook tool in the web marketing factory. Working together with different business with the huge range of statement, in helping to explain a digital marketing layout which is going to get the best return on investment. Advertising on Facebook allows aiming the users based on sociological and demographic, like:

    Age of the person
    Gender of the person
    Location (where is he / her based )
    Interests (based on pages they’ve liked and followed)
    Net worth

    (People post all their life history or future events online). For example, if someone is going someplace they will post something like” Gurgaon calling” or going to mom dads place, buying a car, I mean everything is shared by everyone.

    But, what we have heard is that Facebook might change some of the ad policies.

    Where does all the information come from?
    Facebook to collect information through its users and Partners, who give them information on activities taking place outside Fb,

    Even if you not that big facebook addict, and don quite use it, as much as your friends might be, but still please keep the information limited because facebook uses all this information to advertisers, which is not a very good thing.


    As per General Data Protection Regulation, Facebook is adapting audiences who advertise through Facebook.

    Partners with facebook would be able to access whether someone lives in a rented accommodation or has a house of their own. It would then put owners in first-time buyers group. Those who are likely to shift will also become to know by everyone. This will be used by real estate people, residential builders, and everyone related to real estate.

    People reaching a certain income level were targeted at one point in time; this is another way of aiming at high-end products, like houses or maybe vehicles.