Some Myths About SEO

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    Some Myths About SEO

    SEO is the wow word in the cyber world. If you are at the top of the search results, you rock. If not, you hit the rock bottom. In the cut-throat competition to top the search results, effective SEO is required by the companies who wish to make space in the online world (who doesn’t?). So it is quite crucial that you set the bar high by getting to know some great SEO tips and bypassing some myths. So here are tips by Flymedia, the top SEO Company to apprise you of the myths associated with SEO. Follow them and you might have the best SEO in Ludhiana.

    1. Keyword density results in an improved page ranking

    Yes, keywords do matter but embedding them much too often will be detrimental. Google detects over usage and marks it as irrelevant, quite the opposite of what you want. So, more than 6-7 % keyword density is going to do more harm than good.

    1. Links don’t matter.

    Links and link building is all about the top-scoring factor in Google. It’s a difficult element to conquer, unlike the content. So we have to be careful how links and link building is done, to have a favorable SEO response.

    1. Content doesn’t matter.

    Content does matter. In the absence of relevant and engaging content, your SEO ranking will not be favorable. Solely relying on the links is not going to work. Content is what makes the whole information relevant.

    1. SEO requires a one-time action 

    Creative, competitive activity requires constant and regular attention. Sure, you will have to set aside some time and money for investing in effective SEO. The rankings change every day so you will have a dynamic online presence to keep up.

    1. #1 position is the only position that matters.

    Yes, it is a fact that the top positions get 35 % clicks and the links at the bottom have only 2% chances of getting clicked. Yet, there is hope as brands can improve their ranking by displaying little yellow review stars for their products.

    1. Buying cheap backlinks in bulk will be great for you

    Buying cheap backlinks in bulk will prove to be worthless as they are often bad links. The free ones are bad links that won’t do much to promote your brand. They can lead to porn sites and other shady stuff which is highly likely to spoil your image. So steer clear of the cheap or free links.