Some Web Design Mistakes that can Harm SEO

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    Some Web Design Mistakes that can Harm SEO

    If the first step into running an online business is poor, then the remaining steps also suffer the non-functionality of the process. Thus, it is very important to design a web page in a manner that is secure. A good and clear content should support the whole page, which eases navigation and avoids duplicity. If you see the response coming up, then interacting answering all questions of the viewers could create a bunch of fair potential customers for you.

    The initial step in setting up a business online is creating a website. By creating, we mean to design it. If the web page design is not good, attractive, simple and easy to understand, then there would arise problems in the SEO work as well.

    Web designing in Ludhiana is available at various places. You can reach out to them and get your web page beautifully decorated with the apt features of security, etc required.

    The mistakes that are made while creating a web design are as under:

    • Weak Navigation

    Similar category of clicks should be aligned at one side for an easy access to the customer. On a small device, such as a mobile phone, there should not be any inconvenience to the customer to find different variables on your web page.

    • Content not accessible

    Short, simple and easy to grasp content should be made available. Otherwise the viewers won’t stay at your page a minute even.

    • Distracting users away from your content

    In case your web page shares a link to other pages, then make sure that your own page does not close down when the new one opens. Opening a new tab should be the solution in this situation.

    • Overloaded resources

    The downtime to open up a page could lead to a viewer actually closing it. If you fill in your website with too many resources, the data would take time to load.

    • Insecure website

    Sites with ‘https’ are called secure, else Google warns you before opening.

    • Poor content

    A content must be easy, written in sub points and supported with visual characters to make it attractive and interesting.

    • Not Responsive to conversations

    Every response of a customer must be valued and an answer to them must be given. A separate team dedicated to this must be made. Live chat options and email sending should be regularly done. The more you connect, the better it is for your business.

    • No use of H1 and Metadata

    ‘Screaming Frog’ is one sort which connects to your website. Keywords on every page should be linked to H1 and Metadata.

    • Duplicity

    Duplicity must be avoided if you do not want to get to the issues of patents and copyrights.

    • Frequent pop-ups

    Frequent pop-ups could disturb a customer and he would resultantly close your page. So, it must be avoided.

    A SEO company in Ludhiana that in addition to doing the SEO work, also designs a web page would cater to all the above requirements.