Starting Content first-Create Design Layout Next in Web Designing Process

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    Are you going to start a new website? or just bored with your current website? Obviously you want to market it and for that you need to create proper web-flow of your business plan online.

    What is content-first in web design?

    Content is one of the key-element in designing your website and I must say it should be the starting point. You need to focus on the content before doing anything else for the website.
    An Engineer while building a car just can’t just start building it. He first creates blueprints (content) and for that he outlays all the features (Auto lock, ABS, Auto guide GEO map), car parts (engine, breaks, dash-board), and its design (shape of wheel, shape of doors) etc. under it.
    So blue print is the content that does 70% work of the thought process in which we can add-subtract according to satisfaction level or by calculating costs, only 30% part constitutes all other things-features, car-parts, design etc.
    In the similar fashion, when you are creating your product market online. You are not just focusing on its design-development-marketing, you are actually focusing on the content, and you need to report loud to your online audiences, what the product is about through visuals, videos, plain text by shall owing depth to make an impression on their minds to buy your services or product.
    You can do this for example: if you are a medical practitioner and need to have more and more people get benefitted from your services, then you can list the beneficial cost of treatment you provide to your patients, can guide them how they can take simple precautions and preventions of problem related to your niche. Here also, all you need is content prior to design.

    Plain words are “You need to have content in hand before creating containers (design layout) for it on the website”.

    Why you start building your website with content-first strategy from today? A few Reasons are below and they are enough to you get a startup with this technique.

    Some Key advantages of content first in designing process?

    • Your content makes sense to the user: if your website content is in flow to questions arising in their minds then they will surely going to like it. In the end, your users are the one from whom you getting benefitted.
    • Avoids designer call out time: if you are placing the content systematically, you don’t need a designer to make tiny content edits on existing list of pages, you can focus on new pages and that means more keywords and that means more traffic!
    • Content gets optimized: you don’t have to call multiple libraries of different class and id’s or functions for the same content. Everything gets into their proper place.

    Content first is the first choice of web designers because:  “Great design marketers are not born they learn to play with content perfectly!”