Which strategies can help us to promote our content at the wife scale?

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    Are you also infuriated with the fewer visits on your blog posts? If yes, then gone are those times because we have come up with the information by which you can enhance the visits on your blog posts:


    Many of the businesses have failed to grab the attention of the online visitors simply because their content is irrelevant, duplicate and makes no sense.


    Strategy 1: Approach the influencers and the bloggers

    If you want your blog post to perform well in no time, then this strategy will surely work for you. As the bloggers and the influencers do have a huge amount of people following them. So if they somehow mention your blog post in their content or through any means, there are 100% chances of your blog post to encounter huge traffic.

    So what do you need to do now?

    So now, you have to only find the bloggers who would be ready to build friendly relations with you by promoting your blog post through his approach.

    How would you do it?

    You can do this by sending a personalized and well-written email to the blogger.


    Do never ask the bloggers or influencers to share your content, rather you should ask them to read your post. If they find it worthy of sharing, they will do it.

    In this way, you will not be under the dominance of being owing to a favourable act.

    Strategy 2: Content Roundup

    The roundups are nothing more than the linking of the blog posts with the awesome and the most reliable content on the internet whether on a weekly or monthly basis.

    Are you interested to know the process of the link roundups. If yes, then we are here to satisfy your cravings for the knowledge:

    • Step1: Find the roundups

    The first stage requires you to find and then choose the roundups in your niche. For this you can take the help of the various search strings like the feeling:

    Keyword” + “link roundup”

    Keyword” + “best of”

    • Step2: Content Pitching

    The next step here calls for your action for pitching. For this, many SEO executives make use of email scripting.

    If the person you have approached for a roundup finds your content ideal for the roundup, then you will surely get to encounter the sweet link. Always hope for the best! I am sure you will get one.

    Strategy 3: Promotion of the email newsletter

    If you have not been getting visitors to your blog for a long time, then you must consider building a huge email list, which will tremendously increase your visitors.

    Experience of one of the SEO executives

    Once a tweet was done for a famous website, but that wasn’t getting the ideal response in terms of the clicks. No sooner did the experts turn to the idea to take email marketing into account, the particular twitter posts started experiencing a considerable rise in likes.

    Strategy 4: Transformation of the content

    Usually, the form in which the content is published for a particular period may seem relevant. But no sooner the time passes and the information changes, the content does not only need to get modified, but it also needs to get transformed in the form. Sometimes the written content is so useful, but if it does not have the graphics, then nobody feels like reading it. So in that case, the content has to be transformed in any of the following:

    • Infographics
    • Videos
    • Ebooks
    • Podcasts

    Strategy 5: Relaunch the content

    Sometimes the content does not fetch a good number of views when it is published for the first time. In that case, it is needed to relaunch or revamp the content. 80% of the blog posts have been successful in their motive to gain visitors by taking this tactic into account.

    How to make your content appear at the top of all the published contents?

    By changing the publishing date of your post, your post can appear on the top. If you do not know how to change the date, then do not worry. Just take a deep breathe and read the following:

    You will find an edit option when you will head over to that post, there you will get to see the option which allows you to change the date,

    Strategy 6: Content roadshow

    This is one of the most effective strategies for content promotion. This strategy may sound similar to the first strategy. But there are slight differences between the two. When we are talking about the two, then we are considering both of the following into account:

    The audience which is interested in reading your topic.

    The bonus point about this is you can email the bloggers who are considering writing about your topic.

    Strategy 7: Email the mentioned people and brands

    By mentioning the names of some people and the brands, it becomes easy to make the people informed about the particular thing. So you can take the additional benefit from this. By sending the email to the mentioned people and the brands, you can notify them that you are promoting their thoughts or products. This way, you can build friendly relations with them for the future. If they found your content meaningful and sharing-worthy, then they may share it on their website. With this, you will be experiencing a rise in the number of visitors who are reading your content.


    Use Linkedin

    Many of us do not know the value of re-publishing content on Linkedin. But it is a fact that most intelligent people will be found on other LinkedIn or quora. By publishing the content on these platforms, a lot of people can get benefitted.

    Do not devalue social media

    Publishing the content on Social media platforms can be extremely helpful. But yes! Do not consider publishing huge written content without any graphics. Instead, try to post the most relevant content along with some graphics which will tempt the user to read the information.

    Those who will be willing to read the dill content can click on the provided link to gain the whole chunk of the information.