Supreme Court’s Judgement : Search Engines Remove Information About Sex Determination

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    Supreme Court's Judgement : Search Engines Remove Information About Sex Determination

    Supreme court has ordered Search Engines like Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft to remove all the advertisment giving information for Prenatal sex determination in India.

    No it’s not like every single website has to be contacted on a global scale to remove all the information on sex determination. It is an order by supreme court to all the search engines that every advertisement that is displaying content related to prenatal sex determination needs to be removed in the next 36 hours. It also has ordered Centre govt. to form a nodal agency that will look after those websites which are showing this kind of advertisement pertaining to information on Sex Determination.

    And this agency will then inform these search engines about the advertisements that are pertained to sex determination to remove them from the respective search engine. After that Indian representatives of the following search engines will remove those advertisements withing 36 hours.

    During the hearing this topic came to a conclusion after bench discussed about the declining of sex ratio in India and further said that this it is nothing to be decided whether one wants a girl or a boy. So this kind of information is not required on internet for India and needs to be removed.