What are the professional techniques to get the No. 1 ranking on search engines?

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    How to get No.1 rank on Google?
    Being a digital marketing expert, I often come across one question i.e. “How to get ranked No. 1 on Search engine?” No doubt, this is what all business and website owners dream of. Well! The reason for that is completely clear like:
    • Making to the top spot or even in the top 3
    • Increased website traffic
    • Increased business visibility
    • Increase in business sales
    For a business owner, the main goal is to increase profits and up-flank the competitors. But to be ahead of everyone, you need to be different and unique. Although, it takes effort to get the higher ranking on search engines we all want. Here’s what should be kept in:
    • More popular = Higher rankings
    • More relevant = Higher rankings
    • Maintaining high quality = High rankings
    Let’s dive into how to hit Google’s first page with professional tips and make your website shine in the vast competition.
    Opt for the Guestrographic method
    Through a professional SEO strategy, the results will be way better than you have expected. The guestographics are going to work because of one reason and that is, it helps in sharing the content with ease. In addition, the backlinks are going to help your business to get a higher ranking on search engines.

    Step by Step Process to get higher ranking in Search Engine
    Step 1: Create and Publish an Infographic
    First of all, you need to be good and best at infographics. No doubt, the design is an important part but making sure that you have selected the right topic is even more important. You might be surprised to know that when you get it done right, it is like 90% of the part is done. Infographics are best in terms of appearance.

    For example: If you are writing about how sleep can benefit your health, then it is important to mention all the information correctly.
    Here what we mean is that, if you simply write the fun facts or mention some of the research, then it won’t attract the audience. If there is no design or infographics then how your content will speak. Trust me, when I say that infographics are going to make wonders. The demand for visual content is huge but make sure that it is done correctly and everything should revolve around the topics.

    Just try it once and you will understand how it looks even better & interesting. It is not just about getting quality backlinks and targeted traffic. You need to strategize everything and then promote it.

    Step 2: Look for an individual with experience in Infographics
    Once you have the infographic ready, you need to consider who will be interested in it. So, what should you do? Keywords are your best friend here. You need to look for those keywords which describe the topic which you are talking about. Let’s say: You have published the content about Indian food.
    The Google Keywords are going to be like ‘What in Indian food?’, ‘Indian food recipes, and much more. Here you should use the Google suggestion to get even better keyword ideas. You need to consider those things which the user will be interested in and how your website will rank higher. Once you have some keywords, you need to select some of the best ones which will go with your topic or blog. When you will go step by step, you will see how it makes a difference to your website.

    Step 3: Check their interest in the Infographics
    You are creating the infographics, but make sure people are interested in them. In many cases, the bloggers do not use the right approach and this is why they don’t get the results they want. Instead of understanding what the consumer likes, they go straight and this is where the blunder happens. It might have happened with you, that you received an email, which is not worth it in any sense. I am even 100% sure that you won’t waste your time replying to it.
    This is why we suggest you begin the geographic outreach process with an email. You need to simply put an email and see whether they are interested in the infographics or not.

    For Example:
    Subject: [Topic Name] Infographic

    Hey [Name],
    I was looking for some information on [Topic Name] and came across your article: “[Mention Article Title]“.
    Precise and Good content! I especially liked how you [mention something which you liked from the article].
    I just put together an infographic on [Topic Name].
    Let me know if you are interested in it.
    [Your Name]

    See, this way you are going to get their interest shifted towards you. This is because you are just asking them whether a person is interested in checking the infographics or not. Also, make sure that you do not link anything when you send the first mail.

    Why not?
    It is human psychology, then they do not like to see anything which has come from a stranger. Moreover, I am sure that your email will go right into the trash.
    On the other hand, when you simply send the email to ask them whether they will be interested or not, your email will right away get their attention. There are high chances that it increases the conversion rate by 5.4%. So, make sure that you do it right the first time and wait to get their response.

    Step 4: Infographics sharing should be attractive
    In case, you want to link a website to yours then you should consider that when barriers are less, the chances of success will be more. Many people overlook the benefit of sharing infographics. This is because they think that writing an introduction will take a lot of their time. But, with the Guestographics the barriers will be removed.

    How do I need to do that?
    Here’s is the template which you need to use:
    Here you go, [Name]
    Let me know if you ever want to share the infographic on your website? I will be happy to do something interesting and unique for you, which makes your content stand out?
    [Your Name]

    Through this email, the people will be inclined to your infographics and you will get their attention, the way you want. You need to do those things which make your life much easier and you will get a better response than you think.
    When you get in response, Sure! Please send me an introduction. That time, make sure that a 200 to 250-word introduction is done. In the end, you should mention if there is anything else they would like to know about.

    Step 5: Include the link in the introductory part
    No matter what you do, make sure that you do not forget this step. When you have a unique intro part the infographic sharing will not just be easier. In addition, the link will become as powerful as it was before.
    Usually, the infographics backlinks are going to appear on their own when shared by someone through the embed code. Here’s what you should keep in mind, the links are the best way to increase the website traffic which automatically benefits the SEO.