The 19 Best Market Research Tools of 2023

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    Today’s fast-paced business environment necessitates in-depth industry knowledge to stay one step ahead of the competition. Market research tools have become crucial for businesses in order to gather, assess and understand data to make informed decisions. As 2023 draws near, the landscape of market research tools is continually evolving, offering a wide selection of effective options. 


    It is an easy method to ask individuals questions and understand what they think. SurveyMonkey offers a wide range of capabilities and features for creating a survey for an audience.  

    Google Analytics

    This tool helps companies see what people are doing on their websites. It is one type of tracked website data for insights helping businesses understand visitor behavior, site performance and online trends. 


    A powerful SEO tool for improving online presence and outperforming competitors in search engine ranking. 

    Moz Pro 

    SEO toolset for website optimization, backlinks analysis and keyword research. It can help businesses improve their online visibility. 


    Brandwatch is a social media monitoring tool that tracks and analyzes online conversations. It can help businesses understand their brand’s perception and consumer sentiment. 


    Hotjar is a web analytics tool that offers heatmaps and session recordings to understand website visitor behavior and improve user experience. 


    HubSpot is a popular marketing and sales software that helps businesses grow. It offers tools for inbound marketing, customer relationship management and more. 


    Ahrefs is a powerful SEO tool that boosts online visibility. It can also offer insights on keywords, backlinks and competitors to help businesses rank higher in search engines.  


    Qualtrics is a potent survey and feedback platform that helps organizations collect opinions and feedback from customers. 


    buzzSumo is a content research platform that helps marketers and content creators. It is identifying hot topics and noticeable people in your business.  


    Tableau is an effective application for data visualization that simplifies complex data into clear images to assist businesses in making choices. 


    Nielsen is a market leader in media and consumer data. It can offer reliable data that businesses can use to understand consumers. 

    Crimson Hexagon 

    A tool for social media analytics is called Crimson Hexagon. It aids companies in understanding what is being said about them on websites like Facebook, Twitter and others. 

    IBM Watson Analytics

    IBM Watson Analytics relies on artificial intelligence to assist businesses in making wiser decisions by analyzing data and offering insightful information, simplifying the process of making decisions based on data. 

    SAS Visual Analytics

    SAS Visual Analytics is a strong data visualization tool that breaks down complex data into manageable sections so that businesses may quickly get insights and make wise decisions. 

    Zoho Survey 

    An easy-to-use tool for creating surveys, gathering replies and acquiring insightful data for making decisions is the Zoho Survey. 

    Sprout Social 

    A social media management application called Sprout Social. It makes posting and monitoring on websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram simple. 

    Optimal Workshop

    A tool for user research and usability testing, Optimal Workshop assists design teams in producing user-friendly websites that are easy to use for people.

    Hub Research 

    Hub Research is a flexible market research platform that provides surveys, data analysis and insightful customer information to companies looking to fully understand their markets.  

    These technologies are useful for a variety of tasks, including understanding website visitors and listening to social media conversations. These market research tools play a significant part in assisting organizations in succeeding in a cutthroat environment as they use data to make critical decisions.