The Goldilocks Zone of Keywords: The Best Methods To Find the Keywords That Will Improve Your Rankings Well

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    We all know the role keywords play in an SEO strategy. They inform the search engines and your customers about your website’s content. Hence, it is always important to choose the most suitable keyword for your website.

    But the main question is, how many keywords should you choose to reach a wider audience? 

    In this blog, the Best Digital Marketing Company in Ludhiana will shed light on the importance of keywords we need to use for a successful SEO Campaign.

    Targeted Keywords

    This is the keyword for which you should optimise your page, as it is the page’s main topic.

    Synonyms, sub-topics, and long-tail keyword variations are the components of secondary keywords.

    For example, if you are running an E-commerce store specialising in all types of footwear, the footwear will be the sole focus of the page. But have you figured out what to call them?

    You can do keyword research to figure it out, which will help you in figuring out the titles with the help of references and ideas. The Best Digital Marketing Company in Ludhiana will use the most suitable titles that will help them attract a larger audience.

    In this example, you can use a variety of keywords such as Men’s running shoes, women’s running shoes, and long-distance running shoes etc. You can also include other items in the keywords.

    It is also possible to feature all those items on a single page that showcases the products. For that, “running shoes” would be the best fit for everything, and you can also include links to more particular pages afterwards.

    One Well-Defined Topic

    The most trusted SEO Company in Ludhiana states that a page needs to have one topic that is clearly defined. It is preferable to approach this from the standpoint of the user experience.

    You can’t force people to look for multiple things or sometimes everything on the pages, as it can hamper the user experience badly.

    Since Google helps people who are looking for single specific things of their choice, it will show a page with a specific focus, which is the most relevant one, then a page that tries to rank for multiple topics at the same time.

    Synonyms and Close Variations

    If you are typing an incorrect word, it is obvious that Google will auto-correct you, which can be annoying sometimes as you were clearly thinking about something else when you typed that search term.

    However, as per the most reliable SEO Company in Ludhiana, Google will rank your page for keywords that have the same intent and meaning without letting you intentionally target every single variation. It also knows that people look for the same thing in different methods.

    Methods to Find Keywords

    There are several ways to identify the suitable keywords in the following:

    1. Using a keyword research tool.
    2. Finding common or relevant topics in any segment.
    3. Analysing the keywords used by your competitor.


    Keywords are the most important element of an SEO. Hence it is important to choose the important and relevant ones that will help you achieve better rankings and attract a wider spectrum of audience to spread your footprint.