timeless tactics of digital marketing to leave your competitors behind

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    timeless tactics of digital marketing to leave your competitors behind

    Digital marketing could be a game-changer for the small and medium scale business. A bit of capital invested can give marvellous results. Digital marketing can fetch the best results when we set our goals to maximum lead generation and ultimate Content management.

    Let us study the 8 Step format for successful digital marketing campaigns.

    • Choose your audience

    When it is asked to a beginner of a marketing executive, “Who is your audience?” The most expected answer is, “Everybody is my audience’. One thing must be kept in mind that if ‘Everybody is your audience then nobody is your audience’. If we do not have a target audience to whom we are delivering our content.

    Once you have a targeted audience, the following aspects are ought to be considered.

    (a) Deliver exactly what your audience wants

    Content is the key to reach your audience. While delivering content, Precision   and Accuracy must be taken care of.

    (b) Make acquaintance with your Organic Keywords

    One must know about all the possible keywords related to the business. Keywords      are categorised in three parts.

    • Informational Keywords
    • Navigational Keywords
    • Transactional Keywords 
    • Start with a few Social Media Platforms

     To begin with, we must stay updated with a few but most used social media platforms like

    Facebook and Instagram are graphically oriented platforms in which people like what they really found eye-catchy. YouTube is Video content Oriented which again takes us to the point that content should be delivered carefully with accuracy and precision. Over the last decade,The trend of visual culture is rising that captures the maximum attention of viewers.

    • Set your Goal

    Your Goals should be Procedure oriented. First, we should start with Sales followed by Generating Positive Feedback, Saving Costs, and Extending your brand online.

    • Content is King

    As we know All of social media is nothing but content. Content marketing covers a set of strategies and techniques to achieve business goals by using content in a consistent, integrated, and continuous way. Content is what actually drives traffic to your business.
    Rely on Ads

    In the beginning, we must rely on ads. We should promote our products and content through various ads on a different platform that would definitely bring good insights and engagements. We can use
    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin Ads.

    • Website Optimization

    Websites should be optimised consistently and in a traffic driving way. For that we can optimise our website on search engines, Publishing regular blogs, A contest and giveaway is the best known way to attract people.

    • Email Marketing

    Email marketing allows you to keep in touch with your customers. Email marketing runs on the principle of gaining a few result from a lots of tries. If we are targeting 1000 people, Out of these 1000, only 500 will open the mails sent by you and 250 conversions will be the result of what you have tried for.

    There are a wide variety of digital channels that offer retargeting campaign options. You can use
    -Run search retargeting,
    -Google Display Network,

    Bonus Tips: 1. Graphics speak louder than words

    1. Consistency helps build faith among users.