Tips to Deal With Fake Reviews Online

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    Tips to Deal With Fake Reviews Online

    Online reviews are like a natural extension for your business. When one person buys the product or service online and shares his or her experience then the positive comments will increase the sales by 18%. But, yes there are a lot of negative comments also. This guide will give you tips to deal with fake reviews online.


    When you search for a product online you can find different verified or guaranteed reviews. You will be fooled that the reviews are authentic, but you should never make such a mistake.

    The fake reviews can last for months which can affect the business reputation. In case, the fake reviews are caught then there are high chances your website and company are at risk. If you are stuck with the fake reviews then you should look for the best SEO Company  to get the best possible solution.

    What is the method to identify fake reviews?

    So, you are going to take some steps against fake reviews. Great!. But, what you need to do to compete with the online business who have 400 ‘5-star reviews’.

    One of the first things is to start a local SEO campaign to perform an audit competition. Then go through the 10 to 20 competitors and start checking their reviews. With time, you can spot the fake reviews within seconds. Here’s what you need to look at:

    • Are the 5-star reviews more than 30?
    • Is this review the only one that the customer has spotted?
    • Were the account creation done at one time?
    • Does the review sound extremely good and is there use of too many exclamation points?

    How to remove fake reviews?

    In case, you find any of the above-mentioned points, then your business is dealing with fake reviews. Given below are the steps which you need to take:

    • Publicize fake reviews

    Most of the review sites have a system to check the fake reviews which you might think are inappropriate or fake for your business. Manually, check all the reviews and then flag any reviews which are against your business terms and conditions. It would be best that you do this weekly or monthly.

    *Note: With this method, you need time and it works effectively when multiple people have flagged the reviews. Google also takes action only when reports start piling up on the back-end. 

    • Get in contact with the business owner

    Next, you need to get in contact with the business to make them aware of the negative reviews. At times, the business owner does not even know the company they hire to manage their website is putting fake reviews.

    • Monitor your competitor’s

    In case, you are not monitoring your competitors, then you need to use free services to set up the manual alerts on the competitor pages to see the new reviews they get. You will be notified when a new review is posted and you can check if it is authentic or not.