What are the topmost tips to maintain WordPress website security?

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    In this blog, I have mentioned the tips shared by the expert team of the Website Development in Ludhiana which can help you manage the WordPress website security. If you are looking for professionals to make your business website stand out in every possible manner then Flymedia technology is one such name in the field of Digital Marketing Company in Punjab. Our SEO company has an in-house team of web developers, graphic designers, SEO, and content writing.

    Coming back to the topic! Let’s talk you through the tips for maintaining WordPress website security.

    Tips to make the WordPress site secure

    • Move the WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS

    It might seem that the HTTP website is unsecure. To ensure it is secure you need to move it from HTTP to HTTPS. In this case, there is SSL. although, it depends upon the hosting company, and you may get the SSL certificate. This certificate is required to link it with your domain name. To make the WordPress site secure, here are few options:

    • Use the necessary plugin
    • Get the expertise of developers
    • Get the login page URL build from scratch

    Default login URL: wp-login.php or wp-admin

    When you get the login page customized, no 3rd party can get access to the website. Customizing the URL will boost the security & it will be a new approach for the website.

    • Keep the ‘admin’ username updated

    Admin’ is the default username for the account. You don’t have to be lazy and get it updated in the first place. Neglecting this part will make it easier for the hackers to get a hold of your information. If they can get a hold of your password then you will suffer.

    • Get the frequent WordPress updates

    Updates are made for a reason and it ensures that there is something better or the problem has been fixed. So, to protect the website you need to make sure you get the necessary updates on time. Get the WordPress site updated with the most recent release. If your website has out-of-date features then you will have to suffer one way or another.

    • Do not show the WordPress version number

    WordPress version number can easily be viewed through the site source code and if the hackers get a hold of the same, then you are at loss. So, make sure that you hide the WordPress version number through the use of a security plugin. The best option is to hire a professional developer who will ensure that everything is best and updated.

    • Password creation with the password generator

    Don’t be the one who keeps their passwords after the name of their favorites. For maximizing the security to the maximum, you need to get the password generator. With this hard-to-crack passwords are kept automatically. It is the combination of symbols, numbers, and letters.

    Final thoughts!

    Website security is crucial for business success. If you own a business website then it is your duty that you ensure the user gets a safe website. Are you getting confused about what to do? Let our team help you so that you can focus on other important stuff.