Tips to Succeed in Personal Branding on Social Media

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    Tips to Succeed in Personal Branding on Social Media

    Social media has become an integral part of our personal and professional life. Using it in the right direction can establish your image and building your brand equity. We are here to help you if you need guidance about social media marketing. According to a professional working in digital marketing in Ludhiana, personal Branding is important in modern times as people are more interested in finding out about the people associated with the brand. The trend is so because people want to trust before they can buy. Take it as trust-building exercise which is very crucial in building a relationship with the customers.

    Some tips for Personal Branding on Social Media

    1. Rebuild Your Social Account profile

    Yes, it is time to rebuild your profile, keeping in mind the modernization and latest trends. Provide complete and accurate information and do away with pictures or posts that are unsuitable for your brand building. Use an attractive and professional-looking picture profile.

    1. Focus on an Area of Expertise

    Claiming too many abilities can backfire for you. Showing a broad area of expertise can act against your image. It is better to choose an area or two in which you excel. Have patience and wait till you develop a strong following, then slowly start introducing new skills to your profile.

    1. Create Content which interests and intrigues

    Content is the main ingredient in the recipe for social media. If you fail to infuse engaging content, your brand image is likely to take a beating. Also make sure that the content pertains to your work expertise and personality in the right way. Try incorporating different forms of content – blog posts, videos, and infographics. It’s good to be seen and heard the right way.

    1. Keep an eye on the queries

    Look out for the reactions by the audience, the questions they ask and what is the nature of problems faced by people in the industry. Of course, you will have to research social media for this purpose. Look up Twitter and Quora for the kind of questions being posted. BuzzSumo is a paid tool that will let you see the most popular pieces of content in your industry. Once you have an idea, invest your time and effort in creating blogs, infographics, and ebooks. Share them with your followers and you will see the benefits.

    1. Use AI

    Use AI to keep up the pace after the initial drive has worn off. AI apps and tools like HubSpot and Sprout Social can help you have a regular posting schedule after curating relevant content. You can also use tools that can chat with your audience on your behalf.