What are the effective tips used by web designers to boost mobile websites?

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    Are you facing issues with the mobile website? There are several reasons that you are encountering this issue. To get it fixed, you should ensure that you hire the best web designing company. The experts ensure that you get the best looking and functional website. While planning to hire the company, look for the agency that provides digital marketing and all other necessary services. In this blog, we will talk you through the effective tips which web designers follow to boost mobile websites.


    Host Fonts From A CDN

    Font design is an important consideration for the mobile website. But, there is an issue with custom web fonts during loading. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

    • Opt for the safe web font and do not go with the issues which have come up when you used the externally hosted fonts.
    • Go with the option of Google font and make sure the hosting is done on Google’s CDN.
    • Download the needed Google font and Upload it on the CDN.

    In all, icons and fonts are better hosted from the place where loading is done swiftly. This is the best way to optimize website performance.


    Stop Using Cumbersome Design Elements

    In simple terms, it means do not include the unnecessary elements designed on the web page. Doing this will help the user to have the best mobile experience when they reach your website. Here are some of the points to understand better what we mean:


    • Do not go with on-page ads

    Advertisements are something which should not be used. Instead of that, you need to choose the monetization techniques to advertise on the website to boost the on-site conversion:

    • Remarketing

    Tracking pixels should follow visitors around the web and use other’s websites to place your ads.

    • PPC

    Pay-per-click advertising can be beneficial in different ways. Hire the professionals to make the most of it.

    • Social media ads

    These are easy to run if the site is publishing the new content daily and you have a compelling offer.


    Stop With Pop-Ups

    The option of mobile pop-ups is perfect in certain situations. In case, you are building the website then it is important to opt for the CMS and use plugins through the pop-ups. The professionals will let you know which plugins need to be used which boost the website speeds. Few plugins are lightweight as compared to others.


    Stop With Cumbersome Contact Channels

    You should not forget the website contact channels, and you must be careful of them. You must consider how much time is needed to fill the form. If it is a multi-page form or an extremely length one, then the loading speed is an important consideration.