Top 10 Amazon SEO Tips for 2021

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    Everyone knows that seo means search engine optimization and for Amazon it means enhance images, text, and keywords of the consumer to get high rank in Amazon search result. It is very important because it give permission to rank the product and attract more people to our listing.
    Amazon FBA SEO strategy are vital for long term success and A9 which is amazon search engine is still updating and evolving. Getting the basic down is pretty easy though and improving your ranking will have a big impact on sale.
    I have mentioned some tips for Amazon seo which are:

    1. Manage your reviews :

    Review is an important part of all business. By seeing the review any customer buys your product or passes so we have to manage the review of product to improve Amazon seo. In Amazon there are some products which are always in top search result which have four or more star because people enjoy and then give the review so you have to encourage the peoples to write about their experience means feedback which is very beneficial. One thing will also happen when you get feedback then their also some negative feedback but you have to handle it and show to the customer how you can handle negativity. By doing this you can encourage some people to buy your product.

    2 . Conduct keyword research:

    In seo keyword research is same as Amazon seo and everyone know that keyword research is a process of analyzing or finding the search terms which are searched by people. Like seo you have to use long tail keyword which is contain two or more words and when people search anything then they can use it. For figure out the right keywords for Amazon seo , sonar is a free tool which can helps to see the search volume of each keyword. When you select all your keywords then you have to use in like description and product titles.

    3. Think about the price :

    Price is very important for any customer. Every consumer wants to but best product at the least amount so you have to know about your competitor’s price that they have added. You have to arrange the list of competitive listings then you can get good idea about what price you have to keep of the product. Let’s take an example like if you are selling a product for $50 and your competitor are selling same product for $20 then you can’t help Amazon seo and your list of product is also not get rank just because the product is very expensive so people will also not buy your product they will choose cheap product that complete their needs.

    4. Follow image guideline :

    Images play an important role in the purchasing process. People can’t see physically the product so they want to see the product in images from all angles to check how the products look so it is very good chance to build trust and confidence with people by providing them HD images. Amazon have zoom features by which people can zoom the images in all dimensions so it also allow to use product images that are larger than 1000*1000 pixels

    5. Product Descriptions & Enhanced Brand Content Optimization :

    It is very important for Amazon seo. Amazon enhanced brand content which includes introduction, renamed and content which can help us to reach new heights, provide the awesome formats to the retailer that will pass to consumer who can see the product details. Amazon changes three things to this feature that is publish to multiple asins , mobile previews and languages modification which is very good.

    6. Use bullet point in product description :

    It is also an important thing to increase seo of Amazon. When we want to sell a product then it is very important to mention description and benefits of product compared to competitor so it important to break down information. The best way to break product information in bullet point because it is a good way for audience to read the information and people always want easy and concise to read. For attracting consumer we have to add benefits of products, addition, e-book, bonus accessory and some incentive, it can be going very helpful.

    7. Optimize the title :

    The title is very effective when any people search the product and to add element is also very important. Any title can contain quantity, color, brand name, product type, size and their feature. We have to make sure that title is simple, natural and avoid keyword stuffing. We can include brand name in the title, primary keywords, dashes and leverage pipes are very helpful to improve the readability about the post.

    8. Add backend for search terms:

    Backend keyword is very important for Amazon seo. It is very helpful to increase discoverability of the product. It is a hidden keyword that are only Amazon sellers are aware of by which can’t be seen by visitors, it is only for Amazon algorithm that specifies keyword is for listing. It is also very essential to keep the order of keyword and it must be in phrase match. Just like green valvet couch and couch green valvet have many differences to search the product so we have to add the backend.

    8. Know about the audience :

    It is very important to know about the audience because all the products are for consumer so it is very essential for know about that what they want and what you are posted. We have to always post that product which is in craze of market and people demanding much. You have to always keep in mind about price because audience always want best product at cheap price and care about that what competitors have keep the price of same product.

    9. Be Consistent :

    For getting success consistent is very important, it is the key the good balance between formula down and always be unique and creative. We all know that amazon design their search engine by him but if we want to make good character then you have to be good copy. We don’t have to try many ways to get success instead of this we have to choose one way and always adding same approach with new edition.

    10. Answer questions to indirectly :

    Answer question is very helpful to influence amazon product ranking. It not influence directly your ranking but it do conversion. When the people asked the question about product then your product is placed at the top of listing. When any audience asks question then you have to take some time to answer them because there is a chance that other people will also asked same question

    Bottom line:
    Update product listing and stay relevant with customer can help for amazon seo. The tips that I have suggested use it and track your performance. Sellerapp is very helpful to optimize your listing for better rankings and conversion.