What are the top skills which an experienced web designer should have?

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    Everything we do for the first time, which creates a feeling of stress and nervousness, determines how we will perform. Especially those who wish to set their foot in the tech world can feel overwhelmed by seeing the successful web designers and developers around them. Are you feeling the same way? Worry not, even I have been in the same space. When I started my career in Website Designing in Chandigarh, one thing I learned from my seniors is to be creative and have an analytical mind.

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    Skills of a website designer: Technical and soft skills

    • Understanding of visual design

    No doubt, it is obvious that I have expertise in website designing. Web design is a great way to help you put the latest and most authentic design which is based on the basic design fundamentals. The look and feel of the website will change a lot with ease. So, make sure to experiment with color palettes and designs.

    • Best design = Perfect UX

    UX means user experience. USER is the one for whom everything is done and there is no scope of error in that. User-friendly and user-first perceptive is what the website should be about. Your website functionality and features need to be placed with perfection so that the user gets access to all the important parts.

    • Get insight on graphic design and web design

    Being a web designer is like an artist who knows the way work should be done with the right tools. Graphic design is the crux of any website industry and working on these the right way is extremely critical. You must brush up on your graphic designing skills.

    • Basics of HTML & CSS

    Web designers do need some knowledge of technical working. HTML and CSS are important to know about as it allows the front end to be properly structured.

    CSS allows you to adjust color, font change, or add background. This is an important part of designing the website.

    • Lead the right way- JAVASCRIPT

    With Javascript understanding, it will help you to be different in the entire competition. It allows to do the updates automatically and make the website look different in all sorts of ways.

    Soft skill requirements

    • Managing the time to complete the projects
    • Communication skills should be top-notch
    • Understanding of SEO, Social media, and digital marketing
    • Client management skills

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