Using Geofencing To Reach Out To New Audiences

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    How To Use Geofencing Marketing To Find New Customers

    Geofencing marketing is a new phenomenon that has taken the digital arena by storm. It is something that can help you reach out to your potential customers once you enter their vicinity.

    This new terminology has made it easy for many online business owners to target and connect with their potential audience with the utmost ease. It will effectively help you maximise your ROI.

    In this blog, we will shed light on the benefits of geofencing and the ways to do it. The most trusted SEO Company in Ludhiana will share the best methods that will help you attract and convert many prospective audiences without much effort.

    What is Geofencing?

    It is a marketing strategy that is location-specific and allows businesses to share messages and advertisements that are curated to targeted audiences. Your business can trigger an action whenever a device enters or exits your area of business. 

    It can be done by setting up a virtual boundary or geofence around a particular location or area.

    This kind of trigger that comes in the form of targeted advertising messages can allow businesses to engage with the audience in real-time as per their geographical location.

    According to the best SEO Company in Ludhiana, the relevance of mobile marketing services is effectively enhanced by geofencing. It will boost customer engagement and rate of conversion.

    Ways in which Geofencing work

    GPS, Wi-Fi, radio frequency identifications, and bluetooth are some tools that are integrated for such location-marketing. The powerful blend of such technologies enables businesses to engage with their audience in a more impactful way. It thus, creates a virtual border around a particular area, like your business premises.

    After this, an agency specialising in geofencing or mobile marketing can easily target the customers within this boundary with personalised advertising.

    The geofencing system will trigger an alert of action to cell phones whenever they enter or exit an area where your business exists.

    According to the Best Digital Marketing Company in Punjab, you can use this method to inform customers of special offers and promotional stuff at particular locations. One such example can be of a retail store, which will send out messages about discounts or special offers to the customers once they enter their geofence.

    Here are some of the best scenarios and examples where geofencing can effectively work in the following:

    1. Event Management: Businesses can use this medium during big events to showcase and advertise their products and services to their guests. It will effectively create awareness and enhance the sales potential of their products.
    2. Competitive Boost: You can set up the geofence of your businesses around the location of your competitors to attract more customers and offer them competitive prices and discounts.

    Tips to run targeted messaging

    Here are some of the best tips that will effectively help you run location-based marketing in the following:

    1. Understanding the people in your location.
    2. Maintaining a precise geofencing boundary
    3. Perfect Timing
    4. Clear Call-to-action


    Geofencing is something that can help you promote the sales and local foot traffic for your businesses. It will drive desirable marketing results with campaigns that are backed by strong data.

    Apart from that, it also vouches for a better user experience with a personalised use.

    Hence, geofencing can be the best solution for those who want to improve their local conversion rates and enhance your revenue stream without any problem