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    Being a web developer, you should know the trendy and the most-wanted types of websites. As per the consultants of the website designing company, “It is mandatory for a web developer to keep himself updated with the latest inclinations of the people over the website as it will help them to know what is profitable and what is not.

    Website types

    • Portfolio website

    A portfolio website has nothing to do with the business or promotion of a product. It is rather created by the candidate who is searching for a job. The portfolio website is a canvas of your skills, abilities, talents and creativity in building up a website. And so it is also considered as the visual resume.

    You use it to impress the clients.

    For example: Whenever you visit a boutique, the tailor shows you his skills by presenting you with the suits or dresses he has stitched which is his portfolio. And accordingly, you choose whether he is skilled enough to make the dress which you wanted.


    • Personal Website

    As the name itself suggests, that the personal website has nothing to do with the commercial aspects. Hence it is created to share your content ideas, thoughts and your projects with people.

    So Assuming that you are a beginner, and you want to polish your skills, it is the best option for you to do practice by doing a favour to a friend or a family member who want s to get a website built.


    • Blog

    If you want to concede in ranking high for specific keywords or you aim at good lead generation, then a blog is certainly beneficial for you which is nothing but a type of website that is quintessentially objectivist to share the relevant information about a particular thing.


    • Business Website

    In this era, the need to deliver the pamphlets and flyers home to home has considerably allayed. And digital marketing and website development activities have taken their place. Hence, every business is mandatory to have a website on the required information about the business can share the following:


    • About how you started the business?
    • Which services are you providing?
    • How have you developed and grown over years?
    • What has triggered you to provide the best services?


    • eCommerce Website

    When you intend to sell something on your website or you want to generate online leads, then you should be taking the best services of the best developer who could help you with the necessities of the ideal eCommerce Website.


    • Social Media Websites

    Many social media websites can serve you as examples of what’s written below. Facebook, Instagram. Pinterest and Twitter are some kinds of social media websites. The features of these type of website are as follow:

    They are built with the motive of social interaction

    These require the user’s actions of posting the feeds, updating theory personal details, putting stories etc.

    The design of the website is changed occasionally.