What are cloud computing and the effect of cloud computing on mobile apps?

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    What are cloud computing and the effect of cloud computing on mobile apps?

    What is Cloud Computing?

    Cloud computing is evolving a lot according to the offerings, services, and deployment models. Generally, cloud computing is defined as an on-demand network to many resources without interacting with the service provider.

    If you put in simple terms, cloud computing means easy and quick availability of parts of necessary resources to clients who are charged on the daily usage. On-demand, desktop, and smartphone users are given shared resources like software, mobile apps, and other services. Moreover, cloud computing allows users to adjust the computing capacity which depends on the requirements for a given task at a certain time.

    Effects of Cloud computing in Mobile app

    Platform Compatibility

    Cloud computing technology reduces the need of developing separate apps for various platforms. With native apps, the cloud mobile apps are compatible with different platforms which reduce the cost and time.

    The developers build an app and it allows them to launch on different platforms. The app is stored on the cloud so the users do not face any issues and just need a stable internet connection.

    Cost Reduction

    The cost of a native mobile app tends to vary according to different features, overall complexity, and design. With cloud apps, the app development cost reduces as there is one app that needs to be developed for different platforms. For small businesses, the single codebase is effective and within your budget, you can get the benefit.



    Scalability refers to the attribute of the application which extends to the functionality and capacity to meet the demand of the users. The best part of the cloud app is that it allows you to add the new features without making changes to the app every time. You can do this with the native apps but it is slightly on the costlier side. To make sure you get the app with the best features, hire a team of professionals from Flymedia.

    No need for storage space in the smartphone

    All the data on the cloud-based app is stored on the cloud server which is remotely located and you need just an internet connection to access it from anywhere. It means the cloud apps do not need smartphone space so that they can work properly. Typically, they work in the form of web-based apps and through a central server, you can access them directly.

    Challenges for Cloud Computing in Mobile App

    Information Security

    For cloud apps security is the most important concern as they store and process user data. The app developing firms need to work together to ensure all the policies are worked upon and every information is authentic.

    Lack of Fast Speed Internet Access

    For seamless access to a cloud app, users need to have a proper internet connection. However, now the providers are giving the 4G service to resolve this issue.