What are landing pages for and why do I need them?

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    What are landing pages for and why do I need them?

    Landing page is created for the webpage so that it helps to increase the online presence. The landing pages are simple and the focus is given to the single Call to action. This guide will let you know in detail about the landing pages and what they are used for.

    What is the need for landing pages?

    The landing page is a single webpage that is created for one specific purpose as a part of the online marketing campaign. It is where the user lands after the ad is clicked, link in the social post, or an email button.

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    Is the landing page the same as that of the homepage or another webpage?

    No, it is not.

    • On the homepage, the visitors will get to know what the business is all about. With about page, you get to learn more about the company and why it is best for the customers. The contact page will let the customers know where you are and how they can contact you. All such pages are part of the website.
    • The landing page is accessed with the direct link and it is temporary because it can be changed or updated. The landing page has only one specific goal which is to convert. The conversion to online marketing means sign-up, purchase, registration, and donation. This is why the landing pages are extremely important and it will make it easier for the business to take the necessary steps to increase sales.

    What are the steps to create a landing page?

    The landing page builder is the best way to create a landing page. If you are familiar with it then you must have created it by capturing the new sign-ups for the contact list.

    In the builder, you will get the template and you need to fill the blanks, choose the color and images and decide where the information should go. Another option is to create it manually with the code. Make sure you take the help of the experts to get everything done in the right manner.

    What are the main reasons for landing pages?

    With the event landing page, the business can tell better what the event is all about and this will increase the excitement for the event. Some of the additional reasons to have landing pages:

    • Showcase a product or service
    • One-time-only offers
    • For a special sale like holidays or clearance
    • Surveys
    • Downloadable materials
    • Sharing videos or infographics
    • Saying thank you and/or supplying a coupon or coupon code