What are the google penalties and why does the website get a google penalty?

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    What are the google penalties and why does the website get a google penalty?

    What are Google penalties?

    If you are a sports lover, then you will have heard about penalties. If a player violates the rules or does something which is not appropriate being a sports person, then you will get a penalty. It is even possible that they are removed from the game or suspended for a certain period.

    In the same way, the websites get google penalties when they do something wrong. If the website is not performing correctly or there is some issue, then the website ranking is impacted greatly. To ensure that your website is functioning correctly and there is no problem you need to hire experts in digital marketing.

    Google penalty means trouble

    Google penalty means the site is not listed on search results or the ranking of the targeted keywords has dropped to a great extent. If the website gets the google penalty, then the audience is not going to find you. It means your website is not getting the target audience, and the revenue is going to drop.

    Once your website gets the Google penalty, then it is not easy to get a good ranking and it is going to take a lot of time to get the ranking you need.

    At Flymedia, we have a dedicated team who gives their best every day to ensure that your website gets the highest ranking.

    What is the reason websites get Google penalty?

    Google’s task is to give you the most vital search results. If any website is found to affect the search results then the Google product is getting hampered. If you search something on Google and you come across unreliable results then it is not worth it. If the user has a negative experience when trying to go through your website then your business won’t get the benefit it needs.

    Google penalty has evolved a lot because of the changing algorithm which helps to check the website. The penalty can occur due to certain actions, reduction in rankings which occur with time, and when others are not advertised correctly.

    Google penalty triggers

    Some of the tips to ensure that your website does not get the Google penalty are mentioned below:

    • Hidden links or text
    • Cloaking (your web page is displayed in a different version for the search engine robots).
    • The page contains irrelevant keywords
    • Keyword Stuffing
    • Duplicate content in a great amount
    • Viruses, adware, or spyware


    Is there a way to recover from the Google penalty?

    Google penalty is of 2 categories:

    • Algorithmic penalty

    An algorithmic penalty happens when there is a change in the Google algorithm that affects the website ranking or there is an addition of weaker content. This penalty will allow you to search but it is extremely lower.

    • Manual penalty

    Manual penalties are handed down by the Google employee. In most cases, they happen when something is done against the terms of Google. It includes cloaking, buying links, virus infection, or any other reason. If you get into this situation then you need to make Google appeal for website reindexing in the search engine results.