What are the most successful and latest trends in Digital Marketing in 2020?

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    What are the most successful and latest trends in Digital Marketing in 2020?

    Given below are some of the latest marketing trends suggested by the experts of Digital Marketing company:

    • Facebook can have a sudden rise

    However, Facebook is no longer considered as the king of the social media world. According to Forbes, around 41% of the users are above the age of 65. Facebook is no longer popular among youngsters. While choosing Facebook for marketing purposes you must take every point into perspective. You need to consider who is your target audience. You need to be cautious about whom you are targeting and make sure your target audience is on Facebook.

    • Instagram is famous among kids

    Instagram has seen a sudden rise among the kids. There has been a rise of around 1 billion users that results in an impressive achievement. Its success has made it the most growing social media platform and the most important platform to attract the audience under the age of 30.

    • Chatbots will affect customer service

    Chatbots are AI software that helps to communicate with users and help them in getting the desired information. They interact with humans in natural matter with the use of text chat windows. Over time, the system collects more data insights and gets to know the customers in a better way. Primarily, it improves the service given to the clients. Every single and important detail can be handled easily with this sophisticated software. They help to get personalized with the users. Stats have shown that 80% of the business have started using chatbots. So, if your business wants to try something better then consider chatbots as it the fastest-growing digital marketing tool.

    • Video is not just a secondary option

    If your business is not using video marketing, then you need to incorporate it this year. No doubt, text-based content is important but the power of video is something else. In this mobile-tech world, everyone is using it for watching videos and sharing what they like with others. Videos are a great way to know more about the brand and what they have to offer. Statistics have shown that:

    • Brand videos are shared by 70% of consumers.
    • Watching videos increases confidence about the brand in around 52% of consumers.
    • Video content improved the conversion rate for 72% of businesses.

    Video content is highly-engaging, and including this as your marketing tool will make a lot of difference.

    • Improved and unique content matters a lot

    Content marketing is an important tool in the digital world. Improved and interesting content always catches the audience’s eye. The content needs to be tailored and it should target the market audience precisely. It is important content is well-written, and it should be according to the brand service or product. Google gives importance to content that is accurate and contains the depth it needs.

    • Making email personalized

    Email is the major channel of communication, and it is going to stay in the market for a long time. Email marketing is going to benefit the business for a long time. In 2020, email marketing needs to be personalized. Combining it with the marketing techniques is going to benefit your brand.